Reptilians From Andromeda – Get the power


your reviewer (and sexy friend) in our private YIKIS screening home cinema, watching and observing a music video of reptilians

artist: Reptilians From Andromeda
Title: Get the power
keywords: no wave, video
on the web:


Many conspiracy theorists believe that influential people are actually a secret reptilian race temporarily shape shifted into human form. They are mostly avoiding to be discovered, but some of them aren’t really much into hiding their true identity. For example this band from Istanbul, Turkey; Reptilians From Andromeda.

They had send us a video without any information, clearly not able to write a descent info pack as that’s not how things work on Andromeda (so I’ve heard…) still without any information it is clear that this video captures these reptilians in their human body-suit. It is especially clear if you look at the guitarist and bassist their constant moves; clearly a sign of them having trouble with their human form; they have to wiggle as much as possible in order not to shape shift back into their reptilian selves. (Or so I would believe…)

The wild rocking appearance of a singing front woman has the reptilian voice that gives her true identity away. She uses this voice to hypnotize us and in my case it turned into a zombie style watch – click – & repeat session. I couldn’t really figure out what the song is about but that was one of the elements that got me coming back to it.

The only thing that I discovered on the repeated looks of this video clip is the drummer; he doesn’t look like a struggling reptilian in a human outfit, in fact he probably is in fact an actual human being. Should we warn him that he is in a band of secretive reptilians and that it’s not just a band name? He looks so innocent, smiles with a happy stoner face as the camera shows him playing the right beat, completely unaware of the madness to be the heartbeat in a reptilian band. Will he be one day on their menu?

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