Caffetine – YolE


Artist: Caffetine
Title: YolE
Label: Body Music Records
Keywords: Old School Industrial / EBM
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

This is just released ladies and gentleman! And it is as hot as a Christmas Turkey on the 25th of December!

Caffetine is one of those bands/projects I love to support. They are Scott Fryoux and Mark Taranto and make that old school industrial sound. It directly reminds you the 90’s industrial based acts that made the scene really big and even gained some media attention.

The album consist of some older previously ‘released’ tracks that where available on their own bandcamp site and a lot of new tracks. They are accompanied by three remixes that are, as almost always, the last tracks on the album.

Night Terrors, is the first track and has some really intens drum sections and basslines. It shuts down with a voicesample that sets the rest of the album.

EVP was one of the previously released tracks and is a dancefloorfiller and -killer! It reminded me of early Suicide Commando.

The Future’s Music has a more old industrial sound with guitar blasts, but is more uptempo in contrast with the previous track.

She Fed The Ravens On Christmas Eve, features The Switchblade Kid on vocals. It has a really laidback feel for a track in this genre.

Hooks In You is one of my favourite tracks. It has some controlled anger in it that isn’t released. This means the tension is build up the entire time, which never sees a real explosion.

The Art Of Murder is another collab, this time with Claus Larsen of the infamous Leæther Strip. The production of this track is so professional that it has to be released on some various artist collection releases.

Open Your Eyes is the most cyber (does that even excist anymore?) track. Arps and samples all around, topped with a nice beattery topping.

50 FT is the track it all started for me. It has had some reïncarnations and is THE dance track of Caffetine.

Housewives On Acid has very high production values which does mean it sounds a bit sterile at moments. It does have that Caffetine sauce on it which still means a lot of samples, drums and sequences.

I Want To Hear You Scream is the last ‘normal’ track and it really wants you to scream for more! It has the hardest beats but also leaves a lot of room for a deep dark jp8080 low supersaw.

Now it’s time for the remixes!

Housewives On Acid in the remix by Whatismu. I found one band by the name, but I don’t think a guitarist made this remix. The remix itself is a bit harder and has a more traditional base on which the track is remixed.

I Want To Hear You Scream (For Ice Cream) is a remix done by AK58. Again, not a lot of information about the remixer can be found. The remix itself sets the tones even lower than the original version.

Hooks In You remix by Antibody is the last track on the album. I think the/he/she is the remixer. The remix has a lot of agression in it and is the best remix on this album.

Maybe you’re not really satisfied by this amount of information giving on the tracks, but it has a purpose. YOU REALLY NEED TO GET YOURSELFS A COPY! And yes, it is a sentence you need to write in capitals. So go and get it!

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