Gordon Raphael – Substitute Music

Artist: Gordon Raphael
title: Substitute Music
keywords: devotional,Berlin
website: http://www.gordotronic.com/

We at YIKIS are incredible busy at the moment, so please if you are experiencing a lack of speedy updates and have shaking hands from pressing the refresh page button without any changing results; sorry, we know how that feels.

As the one typing to you behind the other side of the screen; I’m just as addicted as you are. There is so much music and non-music out there to explore, so many emails and messages to spit through & so very little time. We got weddings to attend, festivals to cover, music to make and perform… in fact it might be a good moment to take a little break from music as it seems to dominate our lives.

Still wanting to feed the feed there is a nice little video with ‘substitute music’ waiting to be spread among the world, something I couldn’t really find the words for, but thought to just use existing words instead of inventing new ones.

The video is quite a visual spectacle: Old and new images, decadent jackets, Christmas lights, fancy gloves and vintage telephones. Most interesting is the appearance of the artist himself playing a wireless electric guitar in the middle of a playground with a better hat taste than the queen of England.

The music is ‘substitute music’ meaning that if you really have no more music left, or simply feel like listening to something else then music, (that’s us at the moment) you can listen to this as a substitute. It got this electro sound and strangely does remarkably come close to sound like actual music. I imagine it a bit like a vega sausage, it almost tastes and looks the same; yet no meat is inside it. Substitute music sounds very close to the real thing, and yet no music is harmed in the process.

I could write about it for hours if this was music and a music video, but as it’s not; I’ll take a break and just leave this substitute over here for your enjoyment:

You can also download this substitute for music at the following substitute link (it isn’t a link, it just looks a lot like one…)
<substitute KN>

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