Submental – O

Artist: Submental
title: O
keywords: electronic,experimental, post-ambient, ,weirdmelodic
label: MAV [0kbps] Records

Tf3olo brings supreme subtlety in electronic music form, with soft mellowness in music from that crispers in sweet emotion with enough energy to make the mind move out towards the trippy side of life. With melodic precision Submental’s music hijacks the taste buds of everyone attending this free music session one track after another.

With ‘pista segreta’ Submental seems to break open the sky, let finger tips collide over holy organ keys that sound as if they are made from beautiful glass; a sound that clearly attracts bird like cat mutants that fly up half meowing & half squaking as they flap their wings and wiggle their tails.

Then the release goes for a very warm and pretty chilly chill out moment dressed as ‘A%27VAll’ , with smooth patches, and soft pulses that come across as a regular heartbeat a human kindness is setup, making everyone feel at home and at ease; all is good with lots of love around.

More warm electronica comes in 100, which has this super interesting pulse going on; something super smooth and yet excitingly uplifting. See it as an expresso shot as it’s a short expression but gets the job done rather quickly. When up and awake a nice kick drum brings a speedy moment of melodic peace to the set. (°v°)(-v°)(-v-) is over as soon as you are settled in, but still leaves a long lasting impression.

With INDIb0T it’s as incense is burning its smells in a corner, an sweet flavor fills up the nose as the music present a very nice colorful image of electric fakirs with their eyes closed while comfortable disturbing others on pleasant beds of nails. The melodic highlight at the end gets the tension wiped up and the result is an intoxicating moment of loopish warmth and behavior.

ç(oneellLL is a more humble experience, starting very slow and then becoming more organic, leaving the electronica blips and blobs behind to get a more hippy dreaming away on a guitar kind of feel. SGUARTO 0 brings in the more experimental side of Submental, clearly capturing a not so very pleased sounding talking frog within the soundscape. It nicely zooms in to collide over a sweet baseline with nice lisps of electronic oddness & pleasures.

A work that feels almost like a classical moment in which we can wobble like a canoe moving up and down on little waves of a wonky river is ‘7 ò’ it has classy strings accentuating the electric bliss, making it something to wear old French wigs while listening almost into a must.

8 2 uses warm tones with a bubbling backdrop to create a winter wonderland in which all is friendly, mysterious, hypnotic and wonderful. Imagine colorful butterflies flying through a landscape of pretty snow and warm thick woolen socks. Cozy and pretty!

The last excellent composition is 9 which bring great deep emotion to O. A theatrical soothing highlight that sounds deep and emotional, clearly ending this release with pure elegance. I’m sorry if this review is too serious for your tastes, but with electronic music being made so beautiful there is simply no way I’m able to laugh about what I’m hearing; it’s a wonderful release! And completely free for download at the following link:

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