Various Artists – Cantabile

Artists: Various
title: Cantabile
keywords: experimental,voice, spoken word,
label: Buddhist on fire

For the following conceptual compilation the propositions for the participating artists had been constructed in the following way:

-participants choose any kind
of written text (a piece of prose, poetry, fragment of news,broadcast
script,recipe,instruction manual,notification,announcement,numerical
text,or a text written in machine or any other programming language
etc, or any kind of text or string of words or grouped syllable they
themselves created) and sing it

-the track could contain an
accompanying instrument as well. If you hate your singing or your
singing voice, you can also read the text and make a musical
accompaniment by using that one instrument..

-track duration: 1min minimum; no maximum

– the text sung could be in any language you choose, be it an existing, fake or extinct language, machine code,programming languages, syllabic experimentation.linguistic experiments etc.

As a start Lob Instagon brought his salty sweet voice with a nasty little crank at the end of each line,
he reads a rhyming hot work and accompanies it with an equally salty guitar to mark the end of his contribution.

Alen Ilijic brings a very spectacular work named ‘U can’t control me’ in which a violin and a computer generated voice are battling for the last sound. They work well together but in the end the chopped up voice wins.

On a smooth warm guitar bed ‘Collezionisti di Emozioni’ brings a nice expression in a reading way that will get great requests from little ones (and bigger ones) to be read out of books before going to take the train to dream land.

With a harmonica and a very moist sounding voice MOST impresses the atmosphere with an very horny sounding tiny moment on this compilation. Super sexy!

the well-known Hectic Head brings a very ear & attention grabbing story about Raptor Jesus. I believe to have heard this story before, or actually have read it somewhere as Hectic Head is one of these kindest artists who shares his words and work with his fans and friends. Here hectic Head brings the story with his very distinctive voice and a friend in guitar form. More then 16 minutes of great story telling.

Dr. NoiseM brings in the robot to tell us in its monotone way a piece of computer robotic poetry. It brings back the good old days of text to speech experiments.

Probably the most hysterical and smartly fun done track on this compilation is one done by Jared C. Balogh. The man is taking genius to the next level by setting the invitation with the concept of this actual compilation to word and music, and it’s as hilarious as it’s enjoyably smart.

{AN} EeL is easily at home in the word to mouth and mouth to word expressions. And this compilation wouldn’t be the same without the contribution of this professional word expressor, talking ding dong ding lizard boo hee hoo bleep bloop jabba dabba doo da tralala. Whoops!

nobodisoundz sets a cool mood within his work, a strange atmosphere that feels like its recorded in a wet dark sewer system, in which a lonely voice whispers sexy tones to the wet surroundings.

Then there is Mean Flow who brings ‘New Revolutions’ with a sad sounding organ and an impressive church like voice that together feels like a visit from a priest that wishes us well.

Junk Poet brings a wordly toughness, he sounds polite and yet like his throat and brain has been exposed to hot alcohol. He is doing his best, and the result sounds like he has certainly done exactly that.

Lezet brings his words with I believe the pulling of a guitar-like instrument, it sounds as if we are on a spring while the voice keeps us well seated.

Orgon Solo’s Sons of Fire initiation feels like the artist speaks among his kettle, I can hear bells and sheep making their sheep-like sounds.

Ophed & BroodingSideOfMadness feels like things are going just as forwards as they are going backwards. A piece of word art that sounds as Dada as dada could be.

Victor Alzina-Leche en hiel is very mysterious, sounding as if a bewitching angry voice is overwhelmed by a wooing oddness in background mood. It’s warm and yet a bit scary end of this compilation that in general shows a divers showcase of voices/words/languages and creativity.

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