Arda & The Stolen Moon – You’re Not You Lately / Bad Things / Dear Lover

artist: Arda & The Stolen Moon
title: You’re Not You Lately / Bad Things / Dear Lover
keywords: Indie Rock,  Indie Pop, Folk Rock,
reviewer: Willem van O.

I’ve been listening and looking at Arda and the stolen moon video clips up on YouTube. With a bag of crisps on one knee and a bowl with mayonnaise garlic dip on the other, crunching away the inside of this bag (after dipping!) between my yellow sharpened teeth. Four music videos I’ve watched, and also one in which Arda talks about an indigogo campaign, yet after all that my critical note book in front of me stayed unopened and my favorite pencil for writing hardcore reviews untouched. This is ‘freestyle-style’!

With a website (or let’s be humble; a blog) like this, it would be a perfect match to write about these music videos and songs, yet I can’t get my mind to think how to do ‘it’. Where do I start? Do I praise the music videos into heaven in an over the top piece of unbelievable writing? Do I pass it onto Spicky the hamster (a better reviewer for this online home for writings about music?) Or do I just play it again and open another bag of crisps? Perhaps I should have opened up a cold beer and start emptying it inside my throat, just to get into the right mood and inspiration?

This writers block isn’t really a writer’s block, it got to do with a dilemma. I want to be honest, and keep this an honest place with words that even though being written out of a crazy person’s mind, still have some truth into it. But the truth is; I cannot write about what I think when hearing these songs as who am I to say anything about it? I’m an idiot, I admit I can’t write lyrics, I’m unable to sing, and with two left hands my guitar skills are far from okay. And music… music is about personal opinion; someone prefers to listen to sterile walls of noise in their spare time and others will enjoy listen to singing sing & songwriters bringing their heart and soul into it. That’s one thing I see; Arda and The Stolen Moon do their best and they have their heart at the right place. I’m not a doctor or have special eyes to see through skin and bones, but I just feel that their hearts must be at the right location.

Some singing songwriters (according to opinion) have amazing voices, strong words, supernatural charisma, volume and others (also according to opinion) are of a different level. But it’s up to the music consumer to find music that fits their tastes and their preferences. All we can do is point out directions, embed music videos and drop some names of possible interest. Will you like what you hear? Will you enjoy what you see? -that would be excellent! If not, there is plenty of fish in the sea to discover. Some slightly glowing from the Fukushima power plant leakage, but anyway some like it spicy! So without writing anything critical in the notebook; what did I think of Arda and the stolen moon session?

Personally I did find Arda and the stolen moon entertaining, but cannot say if it’s entertaining in the way it is meant to be. I’m not afraid to admit that two bags of crisps and one bowl of dip sauce had been consumed at the viewing/listening session and I did hit that replay function pretty hard, but I can’t truly say why; perhaps glad my arms weren’t wrapped up in a strait jacket? Also I did find it satisfying to know that the disappearance of the moon was not just a fragment of my imagination.

But let’s tell a bit about these videos and point them out for your own discovery, after all it’s up to your ears and eyes to form your own opinion. We are just the messenger pointing out the materials ->

You’re not you lately’ (as seen and heard above) is one of the sunnier video clips of Arda and The Stolen Moon, clearly having the moon tight up in the back of a car as the sun is fully dominating the scene here. Arda sings about you feeling blue and she does that on a pretty location with nice looking surroundings and a backdrop appearance of the blue sea. She sings while her hair is animated by the wind, only to be tamed when she secures it under her summer hat. A piano plays a cute little riff to remember, as she sings ‘what can I do?’ Multiple times to end with ‘maybe you just like feeling blue’. I can’t really imagine anyone enjoying the feel of being blue, except perhaps the man (may he rest in peace) who turned blue from self-medicating silver compound for 10 years.

‘Bad Things’ is one of these clear music videos in which we can see that the heart of Arda and the stolen moon is at the right place. Next to a seated Arda singing softly while playing a keyboard with a quality electric guitar player by her side in the sun in front of a wall covered in gravity & sunlight, the video showcases dramatic footage of human misery in the form of refugees landing to shores after incredible hard journeys to reach safety. It’s hard to not stand still on how horrible it must be to be in their situation. A couple of tears had mixed in with the dipping sauce after being exposed to this footage, but luckily the sight of ‘the dressed in black’ Arda and the guitarist (and invisible drummer!) makes it not into a complete drama, Especially with the nice guitar riff session at the end to change the mood into one that doesn’t feel so bad after all.

The hit ‘Dear Lover’ is Arda and the stolen moon’s own take of the famous ‘dear lover’ song. It was the first music video that I had seen a couple of times before deciding to take the bags of crisps and the dip sauce before actually going for the Arda and the stolen moon music video marathon. This version of the song did go in my head, making Arda sing in my brain cells like a mermaid on the rocks waiting for me to set sail back to YouTube to potentially hear, see and write about it all. The video intrigued me too, especially because of the appearance of Arda who spots two very different looks in one video clip. Her hair; the style and the color completely change, but also the way she dresses and the make-up is different, almost as if she is two different personas in one in here. I found the contrast very interesting even though I can’t write down exactly why, and if this has perhaps a significant meaning with the song? Is she playing two different characters aka the two lovers singing to each other? I guess that might be a possibility, or that it was just a fun thing to do. Anyway here is the music video, let’s hope you have some dip sauce and crisps at hand just in case you too will make it into a Arda and the stolen moon video marathon:

If you did indeed enjoy what you have heard and seen, it might be a good moment to check out the bigger scheme of things and listen to what Arda has to say in her campaign video:

With your possible help you can make her (and the Stolen Moon!) dream come true to release the album ‘Minutes Into Years’ on vinyl! Wouldn’t that be a lovely thing? Besides if you don’t help you might never see moonlight ever again! Pretty dark nights ahead without the moon, so please do donate at the following link:

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