Teasips – Proxemic Realms

Artist: Teasips
title: Proxemic Realms
keywords: ambient art electronic experimental noise outsider United States
label: heavy mess

If you need some fresh air & some nature in your life with melodic atmospheres, but do not really feel like going out and exploring such real life things, or perhaps are living in the middle of a dense city; this pretty easy going release (found through Feminatronics) might be something for you.

12′ introduces the beautiful ear-sights of a soft field recording with friendly night crickets, and a little fine fresh breeze among the leaves. These are the first sounds of a really nice evening, one without any urban disturbance; making it an instant home pleaser for the homely people who are equipped with a nice audio set.

The work will continue with 4′ which consists of a pleasantly played warm melody seemingly made out of glass, (not broken but smooth) on top of a finely balanced soundtrack of more field recordings. The thunder thrills the night, and the insects let themselves known as little comfortable friendly friends in an evening sound that comes across serene and peaceful.
Then the set continues by becoming more intensive.
2′ is one that goes for a trip in which a pulsating ambient buzz flows alongside with a human voice. It smoothly flows like a thin and pleasant cloud. The whole atmosphere gets a fine drone shape that opens up, slowly adding nice tonal tones that are humbling and cozy. The whole sound is so nicely mixed, that when listened in a half state of awareness & sleep, you might end up in a stereo strangeness that easily mixes dreams with realities. It’s a bit like sleepwalking without actual walking.

Then it’s time for the magic of the pan flute, along with coordination of mouth and lungs of the artist. It creates a nice melodic ambiance that spreads among the night in a natural vibe & feel. Perhaps it’s the phase of going into the morning as some birds seem to be awoken towards the end of the happening.

And it’s understandable as the rest of the session on this release is not to be missed. The birds and listening listeners will be pleasantly pleased with pretty panflute whistling, more nature sounds and a phantom smell of the outside, purely generated by these sounds of the relatable outdoors. Who needs fresh air, and a evening walk in the woods when there are albums like this around? Play it over here:

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