Charlotte Bendiks – Aurora EP

a1002888302_10Charlotte Bendiks
Artist: Charlotte Bendiks
title: Aurora EP
keywords: electronic house minimal tech house bass music electronica house techno Tromsø
label: Love OD Communications

Tomorrow we will be covering the activities at the ‘TodaysArt 2016’ festival in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Or in reality it’s our best YIKIS reporter ‘JN’ on the floor (including his very special one-and-only YIKIS hat) and our worst reporter (me) attempting to write about it from the place that is called the internet. It’s not that I didn’t want to be there, but I’m in Asia (dropping some interesting facts right here!) and cannot afford the bus-ride. Still being here has some plus-sides as-well as where I am, it’s one day ahead! – Just in time to inform you in time to a couple of the highlights appearing on this interesting festival!

So let me tell you about one of the highlights of tomorrow’s TodaysArt. It’s the appearances of Charlotte Bendiks who clearly will bring her live set of danceable electronic music to get those wobbly legs wobbling. To get in the right atmosphere you might want to join me by turning your mind (and ears) into her Aurora EP. It’s one that starts with the ultra-cool and groovy ‘Bananas’. In which a super tight laid back beat and bass combo will make your head into a moving one, close related to one of these tiny dolls people have placed on their car dashboards.

Bananas is simply hypnotizing, going straight into the pleasure centers of the brain, automatically taking over your fingers to slice the volume up to the max and feel the groove. The excellent guitar moments give this a high ‘wear sunglasses at night’ look and feel; it’s making the badly image of bananas shaped up into a very cool one!

Then there is ‘Aurora’ itself, which goes very easily into my (and your?) bones in order to get you dancing and wiggling moves out in no-time. It’s hard to stand still with such a cheeky drum, feel for rhythm and those clap-a-long-claps. Imagine tomorrow’s TodaysArt festival people dancing in some kind of drum circle dancing like hypnotized wiggling warriors. She sings ‘I like the way you move’ so you better do you best to show that tomorrow, or at home in front of some bouncy bass carrying speakers! This is so good; even a wooden stiff plank would turn into a flexible belly dancer with Charlotte Bendiks’s ‘Aurora’ playing. If this groove doesn’t make you move, then you must be dead!

‘Inside Joke’ gets the legs in a wonderful dancing twist! The fun rhythm sets itself to the rhythm of pronunciation ‘Inside Joke’ and a well-rounded in your face bass slaps your hair back for a good time! This is the moment that we can practice dancing on the tips of our toes, uncracking the hips, raising the arms in the air like the free living beings that we are & actually just have a really good time.

Next to rhythm it’s also important to be a bit (of completely) ‘Crazy in the coconut’ as that’s a insanity that comes across at its most fruitful for enjoying the music liberation of freedom! Charlotte Bendiks gets with minimal music needs, a solid fun groove the soul dancing, bouncing inside your body like a Billy Elliot with African roots! If this doesn’t get the crowd of tomorrow’s TodaysArt pumped up in an enjoyable bunch then I certainly wouldn’t know what else would be able to do the job! But for us not around, be sure to tune into the Aurora EP and blast it through the biggest speakers you can find & FEEL IT!

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