V.E.X. – Suture No Future

artist: V.E.X.
title: Suture No Future
keywords: darkwave, industrial, electronic, punk, synth,
website: http://xanaxax.tumblr.com/

Ventriloquest Ectoplasmoid Xanaxax (V.E.X) is a synth punk dark wave industrial duo of pure awesomeness from Oakland California. They consist of Roxy Monoxide and Lu Lu GammaRay who have been playing together for decades under various names and incarnations. Now as V.E.X. they emerge from the darkness with an enormous stage presence that will slaughter threatening dragons, and bewitches unfaithful audiences into a absorbing fan club that would climb the highest euphoric mountain, if the duo requested such a thing.

V.E.X. With their elaborate setup of themselves dressed in their natural skin and pretty pointy horns, they will waive their talented tentacles in order for complete hypnosis of the available admirers. With their fingertips they provide the bass, the electronic splatter industrial sound that will growl within stomachs and roar deep within anyone’s head. Their movements are a part of ritual magic, easily putting the sound absorbers under a spell in which they are the puppeteers and the crowd; the puppets.

Time will stand still as they move on, turning every human and beast into a mesmerized admirer with their jaws half down their own knees. When the eyes of V.E.X. view the premises from behind their impressive headgear, the hypnotized crowd will become enslaved in a trance; a state that makes all that Lu Lu and Roxy pass out of their mouths sink into the minds like water sucked up by a sponge.

V.E.X.’s untouchable aura waves like a powerful shield around them as they perform, clearly safe enough for them to engage in full on experiment with the performance, their music and with their stunned audiences. With this power of mind and sound they will fill the space with powerful potions of music, original and ancient, wild and modern like the Amazons from outer space feasting away on their own awesomeness.
V.E.X. is gathering souls of new admirers while on tour in Europe, leaving a nice trail of countless bewitched groups, slowly moving through new terrains in order to get you in their collection of mesmerized believers. On the first of October they will bestow their magic on the well willing (and some unexpected) members of the Gifgrond audience at the best possible underground party in the Netherlands, so if you are there you are either blessed or f*cked! (Or a good combo of them two!)

Either way the appearance or sound of V.E.X. is most definitely worth to travel for as nothing feels better than haunting charisma poisoning your pure soul in real life. But in case you can’t come (or simply can’t wait!) then feel free to self-help and hypnotize yourself by spooning up the sound and visuals of this illustriously powerful duo from the following video: (warning: there will be no turning back!)


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