Masayoshi Fujita – Apologues

Artist: Masayoshi Fujita
title: Apologues
keywords: alternative alternative ambient Berlin

Today our ragingly intensive radioactive reporter JN will visit the 2016 edition of the ArtsToday festival, in Den Haag the Netherlands. Of course if you are there somewhere too, you could spend your time searching for him and his hat, or perhaps combine your ‘hunt’ by checking out all the amazing acts and happenings.

To join the festival from a distance I thought to highlight and pinpoint a few of the artists that are performing today. One of them is nobody less then vibraphone Japanese Berlin based ‘Masayoshi Fujita’. I can pretend that I’ve heard this artist’s name before, but why acting? In fact when I wrote his name here, it was also the very first time in my entire life to type Masayoshi Fujita. I hope that no spellings mistake had been made cause that would be a real bummer; discovering something amazing but writing it all wrong!

And yes, amazing it is! Or so I’ve heard from the bits and pieces that Masayoshi Fujita’s album ‘Apologues’ had been bringing into my ears. What a lovable music, so calm and soothing, so smooth and friendly. It generates those kind of landscapes in my head that comes close to the places that Alice (the one from the wonderland story) reads her book in before her noisy nose decided to stumble down a rabbit hole. Think of green grass, nice trees, maybe a little cute river to dip the toes in while sipping (with a little pinky up in the air) from a tiny cup of tea.

Apologues is full of cute warm magically fairytale mellow melodies, twinkling bells, pretty flutes and sweet sweetness that will make you wish you had swallowed some magic mushrooms for breakfast; in combo with this music the whole world will be such a beautiful place. I guess that’s why ArtsToday festival features today Masayoshi Fujita on the program, making sure that the festival goers (on and without mushrooms) will walk around in a pretty cute wonderland before the rabbit-hole.

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