mhz_ – an ounce of postmodern

Artist: mhz_
title: an ounce of postmodern
keywords: mhz_, piano, etudes, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lobit
label: 8Ravens

Sometimes it’s not only the music but also the surroundings that you are listening the music in that enhanced the music enjoyment. Picture this, a white sky with a nonstop flow of raindrops that are warm, no wind; just water dripping straight down from the sky in a continues flow. The temperature is tropical, not too hot and not too cold; pleasantly warm somewhere in the middle. That’s the perfect situation that I’m listening to this lovely mhz_ album in.

It’s a release that consists of lovely piano playing, sensitive and heartfelt. You can hear that this is done in an intense moment; a relationship with mhz_ and piano like best devotional buddies clinging onto each other cause they need each other at that time in space. These piano notes have that same vibe of those falling rain drops, the white sky and perfect temperature & fly through them (in my case) like wistful thoughts that truly seem to belong here. They give the natural atmosphere certain humbleness, something cozy and human, perhaps also a bit sad; it fits this state of sky-cry and surreal windless day that I’m passing through here in the YIKIS garden.

In that case I’m very happy to have found a friend in music form, with its pleasant piano melodies that play and bend between these lively dropping rain drops. To make it even better is that it’s brought in the best lovable sound quality EVER, quietly adding that fuzzy feel of good old time radio receivers, making my sitting in the rain & listening to mhz_ time into an extremely pleasant experience.

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