Project-TO – I Hope

artist: Project-TO
title: I Hope
keywords: electronic, psychedelic, trance, electric, live, video, visuals, Italy

Project-TO is a collaboration between Riccardo Mazza (a sound experimenter, researcher of psychoacoustics and professor at the school for Advanced Musical studies in Saluzzo  and photographer & video-maker Laura Pol. Them together along with keyboard player Carlo Bagini the Project-TO seems to be about intoxicating people with live electronica and visuals in order to create a spaced out dance-mood that does its best to release endorphins normally only generated from the consumption of love-party-pills.



They will be releasing an album at the end of this month, but in the mean time they do have some nice video footage out and about to dip your brain in. There is a video clip for ‘I Hope’ which features a lot of sky, and a nice bunch of female shadow clones that first walk in enface-form and then seems to start to run while not actually running: it’s all about the art, he?



..excuse me..

When not looking at the video and just focusing on the sound it comes across as erotic pounding with horny flavors; a love potion for robot-human relationships that like their sensual time together electric and sexy.

There are also live videos available, which made it more clear to me what Project-TO is aiming for. Here you can actually see them doing their thing in an Milan apartment, (no, it’s not a porn!) in which they project the visuals on the walls and ceiling while they perform the electronic trance materials live with their hands and fingers on machinery. The place is cozily filled with people, and you can see the effects of the Project-TO’s audio and visual projections on the crowd. Some instantly dance and fall in love with each other (XTC would be able to do this, but isn’t as healthy as what Project-TO is providing).

The room is filled up with mega mermaids, electric grids that fall down one by one like a matrix-curtain & also the sideways shadow walk –running woman from the video-clip appears, making me think that this must be one of the more favorite video insertions of this collective.


excuse us.. just passing through..

Outside there seems to be a market going on, while inside the people are subjected to this experiment by these three individuals. It certainly seems to work in such a live setting, and I like this video as it reminds me of Milan and the ability of them throwing electronic parties and how well they go together with the sunny laid-back party moods: A scene (if you have the chance to experience in real life) you certainly not just would walk or run through..


..oh I’m sorry.. don’t pay attention to me.. just passing through..


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