Precursor – Wanderlust

Artist: Precursor
Title: Wanderlust
keywrods: bass basserk electro electronic idm ambient ambient electronic bass electronica idm street trap weird Amsterdam
label: Basserk

Oh dear wanderlust inside of me and inside of you dear reader… Wandering about and all over the place, just begging us to go out and explore snippets of the world of ‘Wanderlust’. A lustful discovery of the outside with our feet crackling the forest grounds like a walking garden gnome out on a careful journey.

The lust of wandering through electronic well-wishing sceneries that are too cool to sit with the losers & too outside to be accepted by the hipsters. True and truly blue! This is our lustful ways of wandering by ourselves in lush moods through fake nature, bowling ball floor-smooth ambient drones and disco alleys with beats lurking you in like little predators with fancy candy to offer.

Oh dear wanderlust inside you and me, shall we give into these feelings and move along Precursor’s lines? Would we balance our feet in order to wander around in this release that feels too cool to dance too and yet too fancy to stroke our heads and intellectualize it? All we got to do is wander while wandering around; what is our purpose in life? What are we doing here on earth? Why do we like wandering in wanderlust so much?

Oh dear wanderlust in you and inside of me, how a blessing it is to finally have an artist do justice to you and our unstoppable urge to wander so lustfully. From the paths of dirty wet leaves to clinically cleaned anthems like ‘your world’, it’s a wandering experience of wandering from one track into another. There is never a pre-idea what will happen in each one, except that if the wandering music was a color, the color is probably quite blue. Oh so blue! A nice blue; like the stripes of a traditional navy uniform. Oh gosh, I love to wander around and find me one of those! We could wear one together and show off our sleeves at one of the disco parts of our wanderlust wandering. One hand in the air & then down pointing it to the floor again, repeating this like a scene from Saturday night fever.

Oh blue Wanderlust; some points we give in for chill and sleep & others we wander around in steady pace pretending to be a cool person. Sunglasses with blue glass inside of them would be perfect companionship when wandering around in Wanderlust, making us wander how everything is so nicely connected & how lustful wandering could benefit the mood swings in our lives. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but all moisturized with this blue sauce that makes perfectly sense to all who got that ‘wanderlust’ inside of them.

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