Destroyed For Comfort – Vaginoplasty EP

artist: Destroyed For Comfort
title: Vaginoplasty EP
keywords: experimental industrial new goth witch house Portland

The Vaginoplasty EP begins with the extra ordinary experience of going through the Oxycodone. It’s best to wear a bathing costume as this Oxycodone is super wet, soft and bouncy, full of slimed-up flesh with layers of electric spit. As the special audio scene plays we slide through this, tumbling down and sideways as if we jump on soft lips that have the same functionality as the playful usage of bouncing air castles. It is here in this Oxycodone that we bounce and bounce on the wetness, only accompanied by mental miniature bagpipe players that play their pipes. They dance with their feet as they try to avoid being triggered by laser beams that are aimed at their oddly looking kilts.

On the next stop of Destroyed For Comfort’s Vaginoplasty EP our ears will be Stuffed With Gauze. In words it sounds rather harsh, but in reality it is a pleasant happening. Think about a cozy parakeet teaming up with a friendly cyborg, sharing a space and microphone to generate a new age duo that would make some eyes roll at the dada poetry club night.

After a quick Hillary cough reference the operation goes further with ‘Incentive Spirometer. It’s a pretty work, with a melody that feels like it’s made of excited glass that halfway gets a good experimental washing. Some liquid and a hand job to scrub the pretty melody in a clean sink is appreciated by the glass as it sings squeaky clean between the bathroom walls.

The EP flows politely into ‘Ruptured Suture Labial Separation’ which uses electric signals to separate the lips for a clearer view into the portals of heaven. They sound grotesque and friendly, like bubbled up cotton candy or a mouth that had bubbled up after an Instagram experiment. It’s a vibrating sound, something between a lullaby performed by a toy ambulance and a saliva & air and flesh combination. The more we go through this experience the fuller the sound pressure gets. At the end an electric buzz vibrates the labia structure in a soothing mess and also does this to the ears from anyone who had dared to stick their delicious head (and ears) in.

My favorite part on this EP comes in the shape of sound named ‘Lost A Lot Of Blood May Need A Transfusion’ in which a pretty repeated melody performed with a nice cute sound sketches a scene of some kind of a secret pink laboratory. I imagine it all made out of plastic, with beheaded Barbie dolls hanging from test tubes and bags of blood suspended from the ceiling. In this crazy but cute looking environment the melody plays and the bags of blood drip its content slowly onto the floor. It’s dirty, bloody but oh so sweet and lovely.

With ‘Maps Of Scar Tissue’ another bizarre vision flips into the imagination. I can clearly see two adorable rabbits with nursing caps hopping around in a lovely way over a dead body. They are curious and yet know exactly what they are doing, with their little noses and big black peanut-eyes and wild fluffy hair they hop and chew on the meat, and spreading little trails of blood behind them. It’s an adorable sight.

The last track named ‘Vaginoplasty’ is the least potential disturbing work on this EP. Firstly coming in clean like an humble hymn of pretty tones and the return of the parakeet. Then a pretty melody that feels rather folksy before the glass returns to be wiped into a state of super squeaky hygiene.When these old friends have done their thing ‘Vaginoplasty’ seems to calmly wave itself goodbye like a pretty memory. Is there a conclusion to be made after hearing this EP? I could conclude that this release makes twisted things cute, and cute things twisted & I (personally) believe that it’s pretty much attraction at its finest. Check it out over here:

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