Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core

Artist: Marielle V Jakobsons
Title: Star Core
keywords: ambient classical cosmic experimental new age synthesizer Oakland

This pretty enlightening kind-of-an-album by multi-instrumentalist Marielle V Jakobsons starts with a nice spacious melodic amount of White Sparks. For some reason it gives me a winter-time feeling; snowflakes, socks hanging in the window, little lights and driving home for a futuristic Christmas. The melodies are nicely waved into each other creating a slow web of kind psychedelics that brings out a voice from deep within, something that seems to function as the kind of star to follow in order to find directions to a little hostel in the wintering white sparkling landscape.

Then the music changes into a warmer zone, some place in which psychedelics are teaming up with Persian hallucinations, harems, flying carpenters, bottles of smoke and graceful strings that belly dance their hour glass shapes on a floor full of comfortable pillows. The Star Core of this all seems to be the delicious bass that keeps the fantasy alive and on the ground & when it leaves the music for just a little humbling bit; we float together with the spirit of Marielle V Jakobsons into the great skies of pleasantness. Let’s hope there is a roof somewhere to secure this dream otherwise we might deliciously fly in harmonic pure form into the oson layer.

But then it all becomes clear as Marielle V Jakobsons delivers ‘The Beginning Is the End’ a remarkable piece of pleasing peace and enlightening. Music that goes into the heart and mind, picks it up by their love handles and let them experience the melodic sound of weightlessness in spiritual harmonic forms. Here all is beautiful, the tones, the melodies the sound and Marielle V Jakobsons’s voice teams up with electric birds like a goddess welcoming us all in our new born shapes and sizes. This is the sound of rebirth into angelic pure newness.

If that isn’t enough the artist then introduces us to the music of the
Rising Light. A cultural piece in which our faces are dancing behind mysterious veils while being enjoying the lights shining on ancient Indian temples that we dance and flow on top on. We are weightless and beautiful, our fingers and feet are full of magic gold dust as we tumble around gracefully like weightless circus employees in the nock of the tent. The music for the mind is harmless, free and liberated.

With ‘Undone’ Marielle seems to unravel the last bits of left over dark thoughts and waves them into a bass to be laid down with the nicely flotations of music. Everything is in balance, packing the whole in a nice package as the voice sings the troubles a well-wishing goodbye song.

You would think at this moment in the release that the music couldn’t get any better or at least it would be difficult to achieve such harmonic delight as the other works, but nothing is as far from the truth. This is the moment of truth, the moment that the music had become so good that even the sky itself had been deliciously sinking into it. With violin, synth, flute and bass the sky is fully paralyzed into a calm peacefulness that can’t hang proudly in the air no more, it feels a bit more heavier in the uppercases, making it like a immersive balloon who slowly lost its helium going down at a graceful pace of graciousness. A track so powerful that it could give the sky a well-deserved break from hanging around all day and night! If that isn’t proof of the power that the music of Marielle V Jakobsons possesses then what else you need?

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2 Responses to Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core

  1. linda says:

    I am seriously listening at this while someone is moving with the sound of a chainsaw about 10 meters away. A very pleasing combination. But for sure I hope he’s finished soon, because the music is too beautiful for that treatment.

  2. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    This week Feminatronic playlist#95 is titled Quiet Times, music to just sit back, shut your eyes and really listen to and this album fits right into that category.

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