Masayoshi Fujiita & Jan Jelinek- Schaum

Artists: Masayoshi Fujiita & Jan Jelinek
title: Schaum
format: digital/CD/LP
keywords: experimental electronic exotica fieldrecordings Berlin

Schaum starts with the sound of going through a nice awakening. The moment you wake up and realize your automatic alarm clock was unplugged and no need to hit the snooze button unlimited times as you gradually open up your eyes and start the engine of your mind in a non-rushed way.

The moment of sitting up straight in bed, slipping on a pair of comfy slippers, slowly rising up to walk around in the comfy zone of a perfect morning & staring at yourself in a bypassing mirror ‘Hellio’ and good morning to you, you’. This is also perfectly captured here in Schaum’s music exploitation, although the room and morning might be a little bit more perfect than it was yesterday; might we have awakened in the middle of a dream in which we dream to have woken up?

It might be, as even the early morning coffee in the kettle process sounds a bit more bizarre. The fingers tick the sugar spoons, the cups are sounding a bit more unnatural then normally and even the bird and sounds of an answering machine are a bit dreamy into the ears. Wait a minute? Do we actually own a bird? And coffee in tea cups? The mysterious morning of exclusive goodness might be surreal but still why ruin it by wakening up? This is the place and moment to take over your dream and enjoy it to the maximum.

Then the dream explains itself and its intension ‘What you should know about me’, clearly sits down with us, while sipping out bizarre morning coffee in this far too perfect morning ritual. Clearly sitting in a fine wobbling relaxing chair the dream explains it’s of a good will; it just needs you and your imagination to feed it and spend some quality time together. Some strange eerie thoughts might be picked up from the dream explaining itself; does it want us to stay here and dream forever and ever the days of reality away?

Even if the intensions and scene are a bit ‘vague, yet’ I wouldn’t really see a problem in being stuck in this morning ritual for the rest of my life. What about you, dear music loving listener? There is coffee and tea for everyone, the light is shining through the slits of the curtains and the floor is warm and cozy; oh and there is no job as money is useless here: it’s a wonderful dream of a pretty morning after all!

Once we have taken over the dream scene it might be a bit awkward. I mean the power to control the dream scene is a bit new, it takes time to put on the right sleeves and move around in the mysterious directions that you want to go in free will instead of what the dream is serving you. ‘Botuto’ is clearly this moment of being in the middle of control, testing out the waters, trying to move around and hoping that the dream not takes over the directions. If we succeed I’m sure we will be going to live here forever, but if we fail our freedom of movement will be dependent of the madness that this bizarre dream is serving up.

I don’t know about you, but I believe to have this perfect morning under control, getting rid of the doubts and go out to explore the mysterious hallways of the cozy imagination. LesLang let me slip through the scenery with a nice rhythm for adventure, strange lights on the walls and an adventurous attitude that is a bit vague with electronic bleeps and fax machines that sound like they are wanting to communicate something from the life beyond the dream… Shall we go back to bed?

Once landing our asses on the white bedsheets the crack could be heard; let’s lay down put off our fluffy slippers and go in horizontal chill mood for ‘Parades’. Let the comfortable duck feathers in the pillow carry our heads away from this dream into perhaps another one. Perhaps let’s put on this tape with German language speakers that for some reason have appeared next to our head & listen to it as some soundscape for relaxing.

Slowly closing the eyes again, shimmering off in the bizarreness of surreality of being awake in a dream and now dreaming inside a dream. It sure is something that will get people to visit a psychiatric, but in the end the psychedelic dream – dream – in a dream experience is of a pleasant one: can’t wait to do this on a Monday morning again. Join me?

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