Methlab Explosion – cynic

Artist: Methlab Explosion
Title: cynic
Cat. 351-3016
format: CD / digital
keywords: alternative avant-garde experimental grindcore hnw harsh noise lima methlab explosion noise noisecore ohio placenta recordings power electronics psychedelic punk Detroit
Label: Placenta-Recordings

Like a visit to the dentist from Hell Methlab Exploison shows of its terrifying frequencies of its excellent power tools that will properly be used to drill holes in teeth and skull. First you can admire it and then it’s time for the nasty operation. With the massive drills whole layers of brain are demolished; this dentist works from the outside in & you don’t need to open your mouth as he clearly digs a hole in the skull to find these rotten teeth that needed treatment. Bones of the head crumble, the sound is nastier then the sight of your doctor covered in your own blood.

Resurrected in part two of this little party for the brain damaged deaf people, you will be quietly awakened for Methlab Explosion to do some more damage. The whole head seems to be slowly removed through the use of a gigantic electric cheese shredder, handily operated in order to reach the Jaw from the upper side. Once there this home schooled doctor leans on the machinery, feeding it extra pressure on you as the patient-victim in order to get to the bottom of this. Good thing the ears had already been removed as this operation is loud and gruesome.

When still some pulse of life is left the cynicism of cynic is applied. First softly testing out what’s left of you; hovering over the body with a electromagnetic pulse like a sadistic airport security person with a X-ray stick. It does this long enough to expose the ears and left over body parts into a hazardous pile of rotting meat that anyone sensible should stay away from. Eating asbestos is probably healthier than putting a finger into this cynic beam of radioactive disease infestation. Get your fix at the following link:

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