Adam/Palantris – Ropes of Maui

Artists: Adam/Palantris
title: Ropes of Maui
Keywords: ambient drone experimental lo-fi noise piano United Kingdom
label: Personal Escape Records

Here (Until you go) is coming at you like the long stretched arms of an angelic caring creature of light, reaching out for you to be saved by her remarkable presence. She will pick you up, takes the lengthy arms back in & press your ears firmly to her warm chest. Like this you could clearly hear her heart pounding its full of life, with enough horse power to pull you out of your mind & check your naked spirit into the lights of her shining heart.


imagine her with very very very long arms…

Then the angelic creature her piercing ‘Sapphire Eyes’ will look at you so intensively that you will be completely absorbed by them. Inside these pupils you will float like an unborn baby in a very comfortable embryo. On the strings of the mother cord you will hold on, as beyond the vision of her eyes a pretty piece of guitar melody can be gazed upon. Life isn’t so bad when secured in a angel’s womb.

“Shivering” protects us from the cold & the act of shivering. Everything is cleverly warm over here, with a certain smoothness you will be as if tucked in by a hugely effective woolen soft blanket.

“Into the Abyss” comes with a piano piece with a nice synth backdrop as a friendly friend. They both sound ever so kind, ultimately doing their best to make you feel at home. It’s a bit like a parent who loves you as a child and shows wisely that there is nothing in life to be afraid off, There are no monsters under the bed, no creeps in the cupboard and falling when driving a bicycle for the very first time isn’t really so bad at all. After these wise lessons the music transforms like a kid on the head, shoving a wave of unforgiven love through your system. It’s odd perhaps, but feels pretty welcome!

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