Leafy Suburbs – Ledge Break

Artist: Leafy Suburbs
title: Ledge Break
keywords: experimental, electronic, video
label: Dog Park Records

Let’s go down below, sniffing the roots and slippery slide over the green grass of someone’s garden. Honey I shrunk the kids comes to mind as clearly the visuals imply that we are microscopically tiny. Let’s hope we will not be attacked by an ant or stepped upon by an aunt. And if this happens, let’s hope it will not be repeated as we are dealing here with loops.

Hold on tight as the video moves up the trees, letting us speed up the branches like a cat in danger. Some weird garden creature seem to chase us as it’s dinner time and this all happens just when the eyes are flipped and we can only see one side double.

What was once a cozy poppy soundtrack is now the thrill of the action; let’s severely hope that crazy actor would pup up and beam us back to our original sizes and shapes, as the risks of being eating by a bug or stepped upon is just too damn high!

You can download this track (and others) for free at the following link:

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