Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers

Artist: Myriam Bleau
title: Soft Revolvers
keywords: experimental, electronic, live music, lights, video, performance

Modern deejays twirling discs or vinyl in round circles, twisting nobs on mixing desks and some play with effects on the side. The rich have their mixes pre-made, stand in front of their desks with their hands up in the air and doing a hundred dollar smile. Let’s say no to them and get another professional in to twirl things around and get the sounds moving and pumping in a much more hands on way. Let’s roll out the red carpet for Myriam Bleau as this artist knows how to spin things into a great show for they eyes and the ears & faking it is a mission impossible; what she does is worth every hard earned penny a booker could spend as the material she invents will make those deejays look like silly goose on the bandwagon.

^^ a snippet of her performance at NEXT Festival Bratislava 2014

In the darkness she operates her discs like an old school turntablist who has much more than two turntables spinning, she might have four things twirling around & all under her sophisticated eye of control.  She spins them, gives them a good roll, stops them, moves them slowly in order to generate that vintage yet very modern take of scratching the sounds and creating these effects that you won’t see DJ Triesto do in a billion years. She doesn’t have to wear a Mickey Mouse head to hide the lack of talent as she is hands on, working hard and with the help of her operating desk lively beamed on the wall; her action is out there for everyone to see! There is no hidden secret here, Myriam Bleau is the most hard working artist that twirls things on stage at this moment in time, no doubt about it.

To make sure you don’t need distraction of dancers on stage, her tools for the show are an interesting  sight themselves; these twirling music machines are a light show, lighting up the darkness like a scene seen in some kind of futuristic world. Bright flashes lighten up her set, all in control of time and space making sure Myriam Bleau is not only the best modern day active turntablist without turntables or actual records, but also one that makes these million dollar deejays and their fans look like a right bunch of fools. Spread the word, Myriam Bleau kicks ass! our reviewing reporter JN went to see her perform at the TodaysArt festival and I heard his bottocks had been hit hard by how awesome it all was… (his report will follow soon!)

a warm applause you should give before watching her performance at MTFParis:

Check out her website:

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