David Liebe Hart – Astronaut

Artist: David Liebe Hart
title: Astronaut
format: CD / Digital
keywords: pop, rap, electronic, alternative, experimental, fun, soul, romance

This is not only a very feel good album; it is also a helpful album. A bit like a self-help program in fun music form, with the musical singing songwriting composing astronaut David Liebe Hart as your personal trainer! From the first second that the album kicks in he will take you to the gym (that rhymes!) and with a parental touch of control he launches words of encouragement, advice benefitting for your own wellbeing and lots & lots of energy your way.

He will be the voice in your head mentoring your journey in doing exercises, he will be the voice calling you to do those pushups, and pointing out that if you follow his guidelines you won’t be a fat slob but will be healthy enough to survive! Stay away from drugs and dope and love yourself, eat healthy and wiggle around the room with positive energetic vibes coming from this anthem!
Watch the instructional video and get your bones wobbly!

David Liebe Hart’s positive look on life and the world shows no endings and with his nice personal song ‘Love & Gratitude’ he takes a nice swing at an encounter with a beautiful female musician who didn’t want to speak to mister Hart. Instead of being bitter, David Liebe Hart uses this encounter as a wonderful life lesson for all to enjoy. With great lyrical lines like ‘a beautiful body doesn’t mean you have a beautiful attitude’& ‘A beautiful body doesn’t mean anything if a beautiful woman is not inside of you’ our artist shows he will find a woman who truly loves him for who he is with gratitude & personality.

The music comes with a very nice upsweeping slap bass, cute claps & sparking synth sprinkles on top. Add a groovy beat and David’s superbly friendly voice and you better get your pencils and cards ready to write him a bunch of your best love letters! This man clearly has a heart of gold and the groove is inside of it too!


One of my personal favorites on the album is ‘Teleportation’ with a minimal music backdrop David Liebe Hart teleports himself to the ears of the listeners, transporting his particles with the help of a microphone and technology to spread his music and songs around.

In the song of ‘The Pickle Man & Mr. Moose’ David Liebe Hart will not only inform you about The Pickle Man & Mr. Moose, but also point out where in Chicago Dallas you can find them. They are the orange glowing ghosts of three dead German Sheppards who are one the loose, and one (the pickle man) has a face that looks like a cut pickle. The song is quite colorful, with nice harmonics in the vocal department and will nicely tickle (like those ghosts) the imagination of anyone hearing it.

Then there is the super coolest tune on the album in which David Liebe Hart shows his likeness for Rap Music. His own rap music track is everything what he wants rap music to be about, with big beats and massive sound the lyrics teaches children to respect the law, respect their parents and of course the ladies! With ‘Rap Music’ David Liebe Hart puts his mouth where his heart is & the result is bloody awesome! I wish all rap music was like this as then what would be there not to like about it?

With a nice parading baseline, a positive melody ‘You Don’t Love Me’ deals with the case of one sided love and attraction. A story in which David Liebe Hart tells the polite lady friend to get lost as he loves her but the feeling isn’t mutual, making him feel like pooh. It’s a fairly relatable story, and the message is really taken out of life, giving the advice to move on and love yourself as its better than being stuck in something not feasible. Can’t get enough of these wise life lessons of David Liebe Hart, I feel like all these songs on this album have a high educational level that will teach kids and adults valuable things that are easily applied to one’s own situations.

In ‘I Eat My Veggies’ David Liebe Hart shows his love for vegetables in such a way that you get a real urge to eat veggies. He makes them sound so delicious and nutritious, water will easily gather in your mouth waiting to receive such delicatessen. The music is super catchy, energetic and lots of fun! A real hit!

The album moves on to throw in some intriguing sci-fi material in which vocoder effects and bleepy computer blops go hand in hand with a fat beat & lyrics about where the new technology actually is coming from. It’s one of those tracks that you have to hear with your own ears as I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil the unique information as channeled by David Liebe Hart over here… Great track for a robotic dance moves!

Another favorite inspiring music piece is ‘Nature’ in which David Liebe Hart shows his full love for nature, with birds singing, his skills to survive in nature. He sings so purely and honest in this track, it’s almost if he is Romeo and nature Juliet; so passionate he shows his love for nature. His love for nature will make you want to dance!

With ‘Will You Be My Girlfriend’ David Liebe Hart makes the album go out with a track that is pure romance, and in all honesty also musically a track that will astonish potential candidates. The music is excellent, very soulful, and modern with a great sensual sexy groove that would bring every regular evening into one of passion. David Liebe Hart sings so passionately, sincerely doing his thing with all his purest heart and soul; who wouldn’t love such an intelligent, fun, witty and loving personality? Great with kids, will always respect and love you dearly: the prince of a lovely lady’s dream!

Buy this super fun and cheerful positive original mega album over from the official website, as it truly blew my mind in how good it was! Let these tunes teleport themselves in your ears wherever you are and share them around with the whole family! Absolutely one of the greatest artists out there! Check it out (you won’t be disappointed!)

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