Sister Grotto – Blindside

Artist: Sister Grotto
Title: Blindside
Keywords: ambient art drone electronic experimental heaven metal noise outsider soft gaze United States
Label: Heavy Mess

Staying over in the Blindside of Sister Grotto is not a bad thing to do. The virtual music fills in all the blanks of things that you cannot officially see, even so much so that a guiding guide dog could go for a nice break until the release had done its work to complete completion. For a blindside the music isn’t actually brought out in Braille, but nicely comes through the audio waves in the lengthy shapes and sizes of an original Sister Grotto composition.

Even the guiding stick to help to find the walkable places can be left out as the blindside is as visual as visualization could be. The music composition is played out as if it’s done live and on the spot, creating a real presence of Sister Grotto’s human personality. The sound is warm and balanced, yet doesn’t seem to steer away from possible human flaws and sensibilities, making the music not just into some kind of blindside, but more a side in which Sister Grotto sits to broadcast her aura from. Can you see it? No? That’s the power of the blindside.

This happening is accompanied by something that might freak you out a bit, especially without the everyday abilities of seeing things. Within this melodic blindside a voice spreads around like a ghost inside a beautiful machine; Replace the ‘machine’ with ‘Blindside’ and you probably ‘see’ what I’m on about. That is of course if you are able to read this and not (by any chance) have had entered the blindside before opening this suck site.

To thrill the situation nicely off Sister Grotto also delivered a drone version of the Blindside. Now we just fly through the balanced blindness sides, spreading our arms like a human airplane zooming over the pleasant clouds that we can’t see (but see!) in this fine work of Sister Grotto. Going back into the sightside might be a little difficult for the eyes at first, but the music is gradual enough to make the transition from the blindside not into a shocking shocker.
Get into Grotto’s blindside over here:

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