Two days of Art (TodaysArt 2016) – Day Two

Reporter: Johan Nederpel


After a really intense first day of TodaysArt 2016 it was time for the second day. I was in a bit of a rush to get to The Hague again as I had my programmed schedule a bit cramped with personal stuff that day.

I was just in time to see the world premiere of Entropy. And thank god for that!


As I said I was just in time for the start of Entropy. But I still managed to get a front set row, as (like I said about the first day with Limpe Fuchs) people are getting a bit scared to sit in the front row nowadays. Before Entropy started we got a short introdution by the director of TodaysArt Olof van Winden. After this introduction the lights went out and Entropy began.


The start of Entropy and the start of entropy

It was a lecture, performance and vj-ing (with real data) like nothing you have or will ever see. Some of you might know the TED lectures, but this was far beyond that. The coherence of the lecture with the images and the short music interruptions by DopplerEffekt where so well planned that the hour long piece felt like it was only a mere 10 minutes.

In this hour we got a short lecture about entropy and the beginning of our universe. The way it was given was very clear, but a bit on the easy side of people that allready know something about the subject.


The Modular Body

After Entropy I made a quick sprint to the Filmhuis next to Theater aan het Spui to witness a short performance of none other than Machinefabriek. I did stop a couple of minutes on the foyer to see some noddlemaking by the guys of the infamous dutch Noodlebar. This is modular synthesys at its best!



Just noodling around


After the quick break it was time to witness Machinefabriek. He composed the music to The Modular Body which is an online science fiction (and a bit of science fact) serie of videos about creating a body out of modules.


Machinefabriek giving a short performance

The body, named OSCAR, consists of modules in which each has a specific function. There’s a brain module you can connect to a heart module. A lung module you can connect to the heart module and some limp modules you can connect to almost every other module.

Although it is clearly stated that it is a science fiction serie some people think it is real. This created some debates about the serie which where both technical, philopsophical and sometimes a combination. Mostly concentrated around the subject of ‘playing God’.

The creator of The Modular Body, Floris Kaayk, did some explaining about the creation and the process of making the video serie.


OSCAR fanart

After this it was time for me to go home. A had a great couple of days in The Hague and invite you all to come next year!


The Hague is also a beautiful city to visit if you like architecture


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  1. linda says:

    Thank you for the beautiful report, anonymous reporter!

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