Ironska – Abuse (NJMP3-0075)

There's an eye on the front cover of Abuse, by Ironska, but don't worry, it's not watching us.

There’s an eye on the front cover of Abuse, by Ironska, but don’t worry, it’s not watching us.

Artist: Ironska
Title: Abuse
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0075
Keywords: Techno, Breakcore, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hello, dearest readers! I’m about to begin telling you all about the 75th album released at my decade-old defunct net label Noise-Joy! I’ll have you know, it gets me so excited in a very special place to be able to do this with you.

Is that weird? No, it’s not weird. Not weird at all.

So, this came out in the earlier daze of N-J. Ironska is the project of Heng Chia, an awesome Taiwanese breakcore artist who founded Sociopath Recordings — really cool label, check it out — and was one among the first people to find me out there in cyberspace to put some music out. Really glad that happened, because…

… as you may have guessed, this was excellent! ‘Abuse’ is the first of two tracks here, and it hits you with surges of noise and then some bass drops in, a giant snare, rapid-shot hats. There’s a blast of distorted acid, then these speed-junglist tech-breaks. This track is hot!

The second track is ‘Nightmare’, which begins feeling like some drum n bass, then develops some really interesting percussion! Alien noises, like we’re flying around through solar systems with little green people. There’s some transmission failure, made up of tiny fluttering synthetic warbles and clay drums. The groove kicks back on and we’re dancing to zaps and chill dnb.

Wow! I’m just going to drop a link now and let you check this one out. I’ll probably see you later. Bye!

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