Train Cemetery & How I met Lauren (with remixes by See Through Buildings & Bonechurch) – Buried In The Cosmic Silence

Artists: Train Cemetery & How I met Lauren (with remixes by See Through Buildings & Bonechurch)
title: Buried In The Cosmic Silence
keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw ambient Elektrostal
label: Reason Art Records
reviewer: Simon Hit

This is an album that gives me the feeling of sitting too close to an open fire, in fact it might be the only place that isn’t going up in disastrous warmth of hot heated flames. Somehow the front of the open fire is the only safe place as you can watch through your ears as the flames rise up, clearly keeping it a bit under control in order to see if left over sparkles jump out to burn holes in your clothes.

I expect that outside this +- 1 meter safety zone all have been burning for a while. All seems to be going up in smoke as if the world has been a gigantic cigar. I can’t really tell if we our-self are actually on fire yet, as my ears are muffled from airborne ashes, asphalting the hearing capabilities like freshly laid highways.

In fact I would say that the +- 1 meter safety zone in front of the open fire is perhaps the only place left in the world that isn’t going (or had gone..) up into flames. Sometimes I feel it must be all coal out there, everything has to be like burned chicken wings; it isn’t edible but you can stare at it in all its bleak blackness.

Listening to these immersive lengthy works makes my nose hair grow back inwards,
and the hair on my head slowly pulling themselves back into the skull; that’s how hot this scene is. If you decide to join me in this small place between the flames, please bring some marshmallows as that would be a perfect occupation while waiting for the music to turn us into ashes.

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