Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor – You Can Never Go Back

Artist: Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor
title: You Can Never Go Back
Keywords: experimental ross taylor wayne rex avantgarde jazz experiemental free jazz freeform jazz freejazz improvised jazz lo-fi noise space rock Florida
label: Muteant Sounds https://www.facebook.com/MuteAntSoundsNetlabel
reviewer: Jazzy Jeff

Are you aware that when you go into the world of jazz you will never go back to the crap that you had been formerly listening? It’s sitting and going around in these underground club of bars; Ronny Scotch, small staircases leading to hidden venues in which the stage is cramped with all that Jazz and the Jazz lovers all side by side in their jazzy gear.

They are usually armed with a drink and a hat & always blocking the entrance for any newcomer to be stuck until the mind has been reprogrammed and they too get infected with that healthy jazz disease. A virus that proofs to be immortal, flocking from one person to another, feeding from the young and the old like a happy parasite that actually does a rare exchange of ‘give and take’.

Yes jazz will obsess and possess you, but it also brings joy, a good time, a special set of thinking and a whole secret society of jazz infected friends waiting for you with open arms and heart. Jazz gives you these beats, these swinging drums, the pulses that you can feel in the legs and in the arms. The Jazz gives you these horns, these New Orleans style blowing horny horns that colorfully spurt their sounds like an adventurous happy bunch of gooses. Think of those birds that quack and squeak their sounds of freedom in that groovy jazzy way.

What can you say? Yes, you can’t go back after becoming a jazz head, but hell; who in their right mind would actually want to go back? Jazz is the way forward, down the staircase all the way upfront the tiny stage where all the magic happens. Jazz is soul good in music form, the vibration that will convert a spasm into a jazz dance move! A rotten voice into a classic sound and the lo-fi muffled recordings; a must hear happening of golden age and modern glory!

And yes, Wayne Rex + Ross Taylor might not be Jazz, but they ‘are’. They are clearly infected and you step one foot into this release of them and these jazz bacteria will gladly jump in your ears and neck and hold onto you like hungry suckers, they will provide you with enough jazz vibes until you are one jazz-vibe yourself. In that state you will probably regularly listen to this album for the rest of your newly Jazz life, as a first one is always special & it makes sure ‘you can never go back’ to your old days before ‘the jazz’ kicked in.
Are you ready to get infected?

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