Messiah Complex – Delusions

The album art for Messiah Complex's Delusions is a very strange delusion, where I thought I saw two hooded men with a stick chasing me through a magical Autumn woods.

The album art for Messiah Complex’s Delusions is a very strange delusion, where I thought I saw two hooded men with a stick chasing me through a magical Autumn woods.

Artist: Messiah Complex
Title: Delusions
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0291
Keywords: Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

It wouldn’t be Noise-Joy without some Noise.

‘Delusions’ is 46 minutes of brutal drone and noise soundscapes from hell, and begins sounding like some kind of lofi emanations from a distorted glass bell jar, wobbling and shaking with pressure. Higher pitched signal textures permeate, and spacial quakes are commonplace, sounding like a strange temporal choir in a wormhole. With enough volume, it seems that this could result in a delusional experience. The layers of pink noise wrap the mix like icing on a cake. A noisy cake. The harmonics shift down, and there’s a sinking feeling that makes you feel like reeling back. Then, the shrieks of distorted waveforms swirl in. It gets cavernous and bassy. Someone’s screaming into the mix, a low growl. There’s a surprising amount of movement in this. For noise, this isn’t as dissonant as you’d expect… there are mutual harmonic layers within, like the ruins of someone else’s ambient bliss. It falls away to the quiet and low(er) span of feint rumblings and white noise, with a couple audible percussive sounds reverberating. It swells up into more harshness, like high-amplitude television snow. Growls echo, possible rapid-stomping textures. The textures are volatile, changing scale like shades from a brown rainbow. Eventually, we fade to mostly silence, air in a vacuum, punctuated by signal feed. Low, hollow, and empty distortion shakes up. Jet engine overhead, spitting flame and a soulless chorus. There is a revving up of sound, taking flight like a rocket, breaking gravity in slow motion. Ambient blow-torch. The noises that are folded into the mix feel more and more otherworldly, while still retaining some recognizable acoustic aspect. Unidentifiable flying objects taking flight under controlled supervision, broken down, examined, recorded. Something only semi-human screaming through the extended shocks. The mix gets fierce, intense, entirely saturated in a deluge of white noise while the screams continue, guttural and angry. Bass intense noise frequencies, everything disintegrated to madness.

In closing, if you feel like suffering from Delusions, go ahead and click the link below!

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