It’s a Cruel Summer (some bananarama covers…)

Hello and welcome at a special episode in which you can find a nice collection of top quality music videos of covers of bananarama’s Cruel Summer song. It wasn’t planned (we will explain the happening somewhere within this post..) but basically stumbled upon must hear & must see videos of bands and people doing this song the justice that it so deserves. Hope you will enjoy this fine collection:

Dr Games & the Range Shadowss cover of bananarama’s ‘Cruel Summer’ song isn’t really coming across as cruel, or perhaps it is as the squirrels singing the song might be doing this against their will. But the result is pretty much mind-blowing and that’s why I couldn’t place it all the way down the bottom of this collection of cruel ‘Cruel Summer’ covers & had to move it all the way up front. It’s just the fact that you won’t see and hear squirrels sing, and you probably won’t suspect that they could do this so harmonically and ‘beautifully’. Trust us, watch this video as you won’t believe your ears nor your eyes: (You will probably prefer this cover ten thousand times more than the original)

If you think your summer is cruel, then wait till you hear the cover of bananarama song Cruel Summer performed by Elliott Jeffries. You would probably think that it couldn’t get any crueler than that. The man clearly knows what a cruel summer means as he easily puts that knowledge in his sensitive singing voice full of pain and misery. But it isn’t all sadness and cruelty as Elliott Jeffries’s aura consists of a colorful bunch of colors that are visible with anyone’s bare eyes. His showmanship brings the view of a passionate guitar hero to light, making it a showcase that is musically as cruel as a cruel summer, but visually pretty much shiny and heroically confident.

Michele Fairbairn does an excellent job bringing her own spin to the ‘Cruel Summer’ song. She is there seated on her own, armed with a guitar and her hippy singing voice delivering the messages like a lonely flower whose nearby flower-friend had just been plucked. Next to Michele singing the song in her own style and playing her instrument the video also contains interesting pictures; flies in a flower, a cat & a rabbit. Highlight must be at the very unexpected end in which we can see the artist through digital special effect spraying water in a green garden; trust us; it’s an amazing sight!

Brother Octopuss also does a sad-making take on the bananarama song. Their sound is more electronic, it’s very down and has that eighties feel that will makes you want to paint tears under your eyes. The video capturing Brother Octopuss singing the song isn’t as bright and rock-godlike as the one of Elliott Jeffries, but instead goes for a more humble setup of them seated with serious sad faces in front of a webcam. The positivism in this work is clearly the gigantic red hat that nicely uses one of the members of Brother Octopuss his head as a throne. Not bad at all:

The Black of Space also takes on the sound of Cruel Summer, this time you can hear some power drums and guitar helping the singer out in all its cruel coverage. The video depicts him on various sunny locations by himself, but most cruel is the sight of the drummer drumming his ass off while seated in the hot burning sunshine; It is indeed cruel, but captures the vibe well.

Youceff Jackie and Katherine Cover takes the cruelty of the ‘Cruel Summer’ song to a completely new level. The sound quality here is one that brings that cozy dusty atmosphere from sad days tucked away in a bedroom with the doors locked. But it’s the clear view of superb motivation of these people here that makes this cover version into ‘gold status’. They perform the song with so much interest and detail,; you will be on the edge of your seat from seeing and hearing all the cruel action:

Then there is the ultimate cruel rock sound of NITEHOK whose ‘Cruel Summer’ cover will probably hunt you down for the rest of your lives. The sound is ultimately depressing, the guitars and sound is as rough as it could be, keeping it nicely into the realm of lo-fi punchiness. But it’s the video and the ‘don’t care’ attitude of the artist as seen in the video that kicks the most ass. He sits there drinking his can of miserableness while channeling the perfect ‘cruel summer’ mood.

Now you might wonder why a special for ‘Cruel Summer’ cover videos? To be honest we didn’t plan this to happen, but had been checking out a band named Merlot Embargo. Checking out their videos on their own website we stumbled upon a Cruel Summer cover and from there the whole Cruel Summer voyage started… Their version is actually pretty and sounds good too. Their video contains musicians (who also happen to be husband and wife) Scarlet and Geoff dressing up for the summer, licking ice-creams, melting ice-creams and a friendly dog stealing ice-creams. It isn’t sounding cruel at all with their nice voices, guitar and glockenspiel, but as a thank you to them (for helping us onto the path of summer cover cruelty) you really should enjoy their vibes over here:

Just out of respect for the song that inspired all these covers we see no other option then embedding the original video of ‘Cruel Summer’ by bananarama here. Thanks girls!

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