Mmöner – Forest Eruption

Artist: Mmöner
Title: Forest Eruption
keywords: alternative ambient electronic experimental electronic fantasy industrial trip hop witch house

Mmöner walks us step by step into this album through ‘Lemna’. A strange place in which odd whistling, meets synthetic low bass choirs hoho-ing as if all members are Santa Claus impersonators.

The next steps are going through the Moss Hymn. It’s the spot in which the sound of wondering goblins and cute furry forest creatures that stick their heads behind the bushes and trees to take a shy peek at us new bees seems to intrigue. The music of this place fits their curious & slightly surprised looking faces and perhaps also fits our own little smirks.

Then it’s time to give our respect to the wise Dragon Tree. Luckily our guide Mmöner knows exactly how to do this, producing the right classy music that turns even the biggest slob into a graceful prince or princess. We take our hats off, bend our knees a little & make a classy respectful bow while following the music as the instructional guidelines. The Dragon Tree is huge, very wise and if you climb it you might fall off and tumble down.

Mmöner provides a different walking pace, one that is a bit more careful; something that fits the vibe to find the right balance to get us over a fine amount of a funny looking bunch of Unbroken Twigs. We have to walk politely and follow the musical path in order not to step upon the twigs and break them.

With the last part Mmöner shows us the music of Mirkwood, a place that fits a mysterious happy folk dance in which we step around on the big drum and move our gracious flattering bodies like the bendy sterns of plants in bendy ways. The musical tour done through the Forest Eruption of Mmöner is one that seems to be all about graciousness & respect for the magical forest & its inhabitants that are actually all living in the artist’s own mind. Or perhaps they are in fact living in our imagination?

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