tont – Rändurvaim

artist: tont
title: Rändurvaim
keywords: experimental bass dub experimental electronic feedback psychedelic rock soundsystem travels Estonia

Dark growling whispers and deep layers of bad breathe & Barking dogs crawl through the shadows, ghostly crisper sounds of old fashioned cash machines bounce on these cave like walls; this is the sound of the creepy but welcoming hallways of tont, who gives all who enters, a fair amount of words within their brain. It’s those voices some people take medicines for to keep them out, and others pay good money for to welcome them in.

tont shows its teeth while growling closely near your face, they shine as calcium stones seen in a gothic toothpaste advertisement. Follow them and their lights and you should find music deep within this beasts’ soul. A few scarecrows fly over, mystical drumming passes through the mysterious scene of echoes and darkness.



Here we witness an eyes wide shut scene in which strange creatures pop out of tonts  mind, they all wear epic weird masks and are armed with percussion and a pan flute as their weapon.The creatures of tont dance in odd ways their mythological asses off. Slowly their magical music spell removes the darkness and sets deep into the sound of a spiritual celebration. But only for a little bit, as the world of tont is serious business and clowning around by clowns and party balloons is not really tolerated. tont lets these monster appearances in by exhaling oxygen in a particular fashion; A way only mythological creatures, (the ones that live in places where the sun doesn’t shine’) do.

tont will listen to slow clocks of doom; whispers stories of death, decay and poetry. And when tont is fully sure to be left alone, it will light up the incense at night, and sits silently the night out between the comfortable sounds of the crickets. tont is not your typical creature, and is been known for traveling around bringing its cave like shadow world to other places around the world. This recording over here for example is recorded in Lapland and Estonia.Rumor goes that at this moment of writing tont had setup its magical grotto at the Gifgrond party in the Netherlands, a place the beast is expected to perform as early as tomorrow.

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1 Response to tont – Rändurvaim

  1. linda says:

    Seen and heard the performance on Gifgrond and it was magical! When I was driving in he car back home, the music was matching perfectly with dramatic clouds and rain. I also found the cruise control, so yeah, that slowpoke chilling steady, that was me.:D

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