Tse’emdeh – Ballad in E-moll

Artist: Tse’emdeh
Title: Ballad in E-moll
keywords: experimental tolkien carlos castaneda doshirak freak folk gamers hookah max frei progressive psychedelic samurai stylophone ukulele weird Saint Petersburg
reviewer: SImon Hit

Always wanted to know what the Swedish chef from the muppetshow does when he is not cooking on the show and singing with chickens?
He might be here under a secretive name, playing the ukelele and singing in the kindest off-camera kind of way. Let the wonderful 24 minutes on this release be the proof that the facade of craziness of character as shown in the television show, is just an act as here the chef seems calm and at peace, flubbing out words similar like jabala and jabadooda and throws in mouth-harps, a little organ, a bell, typewriter, a flute, a shaker and a cute plingeplong to really show you a side that you never had thought to hear before.

For 24 minutes our hero (or sound-a-like) calmly performs one song and never seems to get bored of it, in fact it might have probably gone on longer (probably a couple of hour) but unfortunately we have to do it with the minutes that are given to us on the character’s bandcamp.

It’s understandable that this music is not made for television as there would be too many blocks of advertisements that will have to break the song in many pieces. It also would probably turn the tv crowd absolutely mental if it would be shown in its full length performance, but such a mental breakdown might also occur in anyone adventurous enough to hear the song in audio form.

In fact this might be one of these songs that could be used to make silent criminals confess whatever investigators want to here; just to make this one song stop. And still it will not stop, as the Swedish chef is free to drive the whole world nuts in its spare time; that’s what hobbies are for. One person’s happiness is another’s most annoying nightmare.

I’m sorry if this review was not convincing of tuning in, but it’s pretty much amazing. Send it to your enemies or your senile grandparents or perhaps torture your friends with it. They might even notice that the singing voice can even do a surprising personage of the voice of Cookie Monster. I leave the link here at the end, as now I have to open the window and jump out of it. Goodbye!

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