Vomir / Train Cemetery – Split

Artists: Vomir / Train Cemetery
title: Split
keywords: anw dnw experimental hnw ambient Elektrostal
label: Reason Art Records

I’m typing this blindly as my eyes are covered by the inside of a black plastic bag. All I see is black plastic but what I hear is the sound of renowned artist Vomir going through the black plastic bag-filter. It makes the bag vibrate nicely on my head, giving it an extra sharp, yet muffled bonus crackle.

I did consider cutting some holes on each side of the black plastic bag to stick my ears through, but than again; that would admittedly look stupid. We can’t have that, he? It might ruin our professional reputation.

Besides the vibrations of this classic Vomir sound are loud enough that the black bag filter might be the thin line that saves my sensitive ears from bleeding. And if it does, at least nobody will be able to see it; as then I will bleed out of my ears all by myself within the confinement of the bag.

Whatever happens; under a black plastic bag you will always look cool. In space nobody might hear you scream, but with your head safely tucked away in a plastic black bag; nobody can see you cry.

The classic sound of Vomir meets a nice match in the sound done by Train Cemetery. I should have removed the black plastic bag to hear this out of respect for Vomir, but just couldn’t find the motivation to do so. This track also gets the bonus black bag filter vibrations as a bonus when heard with the bag on the head. I imagine it would sound sharper without it, but can’t say that for certain. This track crackles nice and politely, making me feel like the inside of the plastic black bag is the only livable space filled with tea cups, sugar and sweeteners. In fact it makes the inside of this bag like sitting in a tent while it softly rains on the outside: a cozy happening!

Let’s hope I’m able to post this blindest typed documentation of the listening session without having to put the black bag off. Let me try….
If you see this, it probably worked!
I suggest clicking this link before you put your own head in a plastic black bag:

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