Can Can Heads – Old Fart’s Neck

Artist: Can Can Heads
Title: Old Fart’s Neck
keywords: alternative experimental finland hardcore indie math rock punk Sydney
label: tenzenmen

There is this wild sounding album out and it’s pretty neat. Unlike any other album it comes with titled tracks that contain music. Let me talk you through them:

Conflict of Uninterest (live) is sounding like that fun band that played their brass and drum in a subway and became a viral YouTube sensation. Was it Too Many Zoos? Or is it better not to name drop things like that as it might be a conflict of uninterest. It’s a fun sound with an interesting meltdown of one of the vocal members towards the end of the live performance; did the man eat a very hot chili?

Next up is a track with a title that feels a bit like a statement: All Men Play on TenZenMen. If that is true, it must be a place of interest for anyone in search for a playful one. Audio-wise it does sound playful, although also very short. Think about a quick session of hairy men climbing up a children sized slide and sliding down from it for a couple of times without actually showing a smirk or a smile.

Feeding of the 5 is coming across like a cartoonish bar in which everything is alive and intoxicated. I’m not only taking about customers, waitresses and bartenders; I’m talking about drunk dancing tumbling over furniture! All the instruments shake like they will never be able to walk a straight line. The trumpets go mental like an alcoholic fusion that end with a police blow test to check how much percentage the band had been flowing through their veins. It’s a fine case of tumbling madness.

A fine case of Rambling rock appears in the busy ‘ Robottipunklike‘. It is one side like a soundtrack for a happy charley Chaplin and on the other massively screwing the hero with his own stick inside his buttocks.
Loch Ness Eskimos takes a fine moment to hallucination and imagine things. It’s a soundtrack that perfectly fits with the act of hanging around next to a specific lake staring at pieces of wood hoping its Nessie.

Urea Mocca gets the sound roughed up again. To me it comes across like a bear giving you a haircut with barbwire decorations. I know that sounds odd in words but in sound it’s not that far off. One of the guitar screams while the whole thing bangs the head in like a hammering mad person experiencing a tantrum.

Then the last track ‘Not Bite (live) ‘ which sounds a bit more muffled, as if it’s a demo smacked down on a dusty tape; Nice. The track itself is like a car driving with full speed through a tunnel while being chases by a train & at the same time there is one heading towards it. A manly voice that somehow comes across like an illiterate version of Homer Simpson clearly (and rightly so) seems to go through a panic attack, making enough panicky wordless words to feel the excitement of seeing the future of being crushed in a soon to happen train-wreck. Might this the moment that the ‘old farts neck’ breaks?

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