Sally Wright – You Think You Got It Rough

artist: Sally Wright
title:You Think You Got It Rough
keywords: love, rock, pop, blues
reviewer: Simon H.

You might think you got it rough and life is oh so tough, but… You don’t know… You don’t know what rough means. Take for example the life of a music reviewer like the ones here in our office. We have it rough, standing up in the early hours of the morning, brewing huge pots of coffee (that will be our breakfast, dinner and snack) . Some of the coffee we freeze in the freezer so it becomes hard in order to trick our brain and stomach into thinking that it is actual food… Yeah, you probably didn’t know… Pretty rough…

Then we have to stand in line with our hands folded open for the big rich boss to arrive & pass out material to review or write something about. We stand there for hours, some even have fainted while waiting for the big sucker to arrive. Sometimes the big boss doesn’t even show up at all… You don’t know… You don’t know how hard the life of a music reviewer is…

It is very rare to hear a song that will make us doubt how legit our own rough trouble is. But the song by Sally Wright did just that. It got passed around the internal communication channels at our office and kicked us all from our chairs of self-claimed misery & proudness and you don’t know… You don’t know how tough that felt. The blisters on our buttocks from falling and realizing that we in fact didn’t really know the meaning of having it tough was quite the ear opening experience. It might be a good idea for you to hear and see this passionate expression(it’s a music video, you see?) with your own eyes and ears as otherwise … You don’t know… You don’t know what it is…

I guess it’s about love, because love is painful. It’s a human feeling strictly forbidden by our boss to feel or express at work. When it is all nice and good it’s a euphoric source of happiness and joy, but when the love is over and hearts are broken into pieces it’s so hurtful that the ones who suffer don’t even feel like drinking or eating coffee anymore; it’s pretty tough. I’m sure you know… You know what love is?

For more Sally Wright’s passionate works, please visit her official website:

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1 Response to Sally Wright – You Think You Got It Rough

  1. Sally says:

    Clearly, after such a quality review I have been outstandingly busy musically speaking, but It is remiss of me to take so long to say Thank you ( I think) for the review Simon – I do appreciate your tackling this with the same degree of enthusiasm and seriousness that I might apply myself. Is it about love? Yes somewhat, I would say more about perspective really ….and I should know …I wrote it. The video is filmed with the backdrop of post earthquake Christchurch NZ – folks lost their homes, jobs, business and family members in a matter of minutes. Yeah I know it sucks. The white chairs in the video are a memorial each representing a life lost. So you live through that one and then have to listen to the kind of people who whine cos they stubbed their toe (or fell off their chair)…….seriously, its enough to make you write a song!
    Don’t sweat the small stuff,

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