tooth_eye – Kiryu’s Internal Demise

artist: tooth_eye
title: Kiryu’s Internal Demise
keywords:breakcore experimental gdtk roborobotica sound collage breakcore chipbreak chiptune digital hardcore malaria labs plunderphonics tooth_eye Chicago

This super cute happy chiptune breakcore release starts with the sound of a well thrown plasma-cum serenade grenade. It’s a direct hit launching kung fu chippy joyful merry melodies and karate style rattling breaks for a well-deserved pretty fight.

Also the sight of ‘hello kitty teary cry’ will move a sensitive person to tears triggered by a feast of recognition in the drum loop break section. Also loopy sweet music steals the show, making me dream of a cute little kitty cat who might be on the sweet love drug named acid.

kiryu’s threatened overdose has the power of making the prospect of a threatened overdose to sound cute. Out of respect for the serious situation the artist clearly decided to keep the drums away, making enough way to a sad but lovely melody.

An orgasmic happiness comes with kiryu’s transcendent flesh. Think of bombastic beats and the sound of a super sweet cartoonish love fest: Sounds of sweetness and Merry melody cartoons. I wouldn’t be surprised if this would turn everyday eyes into hearts.

cold flash infection comes Iike the shake of happily sounding euphoric sweetness, with nice vibrato melodies and a marching break beat that brings the ballsy balls to the melodic pleasantness. It might get you aroused & excited!

kiryu’s concrete organ see-through disguise is bringing in a nice bombastic mental amount of wild beats , material to raise your flag to; With a nervous melody to highlight the madness of this cute dance party. Somehow it smells of wet dancefloors covered in sweat.

drug induced realizations brings more superb sweet madness in. With on the edge happily paranoid melodies and head crushing bombastic breaks to drive a sane person beautifully nuts.

twilight glitter systems united is the track that marks the end of this lovely journey of wild happiness. It successfully delivers the final happy action of melodies and drums. It’s pretty cheerful and fun:

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