Vortexture… / OCOSI – Smoothing Creases

While I was staring at the album art for Smoothing Creases, by both Vortexture... and OCOSI, I began to think about how one very effective method for smoothing out creases is to digitize the crease, thereby rendering it two-dimensional. Finally, a solution to the problem of origami.

While I was staring at the album art for Smoothing Creases, by both Vortexture… and OCOSI, I began to think… and I realized, after some thought, that one very effective method for smoothing out all the irritating creases out there would be to digitize them, thereby rendering them two-dimensional. Finally, a workable solution to the problem of origami that has plagued mankind.

Artists: Vortexture… / OCOSI
Title: Smoothing Creases
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0323
Keywords: Dub, IDM, Downtempo, Industrial
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Hey! Watch out!

*the reviewer jumps out from a dark alley and grabs the reader, who narrowly avoids being crushed by a grand piano as it falls and crashes to the pavement*

Phew! Damn… that was close. Did you not hear me coughing back there to get your attention? Oh… yeah, sorry. Even when it comes to saving lives, I don’t like to be too confrontational.

Anyway, I’m glad the piano missed. That thing had it out for you… it’s been like this for days. Music used to be so good… now, it’s like it’s trying to kill us. You’ve gotta watch your back. >_>

Not all music has turned to the dark side, though. You can still find some that isn’t gonna wrap a cello string around your neck in your sleep. Like this older work, from Vortexture… and OCOSI that I’ll be talking about.

It starts off with ‘Smoothing Creases’, which sounds like some buzzy atmospheres, alive with electrical charges. Heavy processed drums enter the mix, and it’s awesome. Super dense musical matter, screaming ambient fuzz.

The second track is a remix of ‘Smooth Creases’, titled ‘APHELION Smoothly Creased Remix’. It takes a much noisier approach at first, and soon begins to sound scattered. Scrambled granular frequencies, deep laser-bass kick drops, gravitron howls, a crash smashed in time, alienist choirs. It’s a smörgåsbord of weirdness. Devolving into hardcore noise textures…

… and, then, the final track is another remix, called ‘Smoothing Creases [Ocover Toke Up Mix]’. Low bass, hi-rez synthetic drum snaps… an underlying mechanical soundfield. It’s like a power factory spitting out radioactive mutations. Polaroid camera snap shuffle… Jaws bass, sizzling with saw wave low ends. The drums fall apart… then, it all returns. Glass forms come to life, breaking.

I’ve heard stories that if you click the link below, it will take you to the album I was just talking about…


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