Fall of Man

Artist: Fall of Man
keywords: hardrock, metal, Los Angeles

Fall of Man is not like the title suggests some scene that fits the term ‘it is raining men (hallelujah)’. This Fall of Man is a rather tough metal band fronted by a female. Her voice is a nice contrast to the growling layers of guitars, she sound very clear and has a lot of volume.

For some reason I imagine them playing on the top of the clouds their ‘Lullaby‘ and the singer picking up some tight up men from a line and tossing them one by one down to the earth’s surface. She will show a little bit her demonic self as she watches them fall down, splitting on the earth’s surface into enough bloody pieces to begin some kind of barbecue with. What can you say other then that’s a clear case of death, by metal.

With Hallways and Doors the band first shows the angelic side, but soon they flip the coin again like a Dr Jekyll and mister Hyde singing about running through the hallway in the middle of the night, looking for the way out but not able to find the light. It must be a song about a nightmare as most modern hallways have light switches triggering lights these days, also the song clarifies that these hallways seem to form circles; so you could basically run forever.

Glory is starting pretty strong with heavy riffs and drums and a synth thing that resembles a hissing cat. When a cat makes such a sound you better keep a bit of distance. After the bombastic intro the music shapes into a more rock pop song that could easily fit on the radio; it has this catchy thing with euphoric melody and singing. The feeling that it produces is pretty high and glorious! If a man tumbling down from the clouds would hear the voice & power drums from this song I’m pretty sure it would somehow be able to flap it’s arms and fly: a high flight with a glorious landing as a result.

Breathe’ showcases some very nice harmonics in the vocal department, strong lyrical content with happy things like ‘life has no meaning’. Did you have ever wanted to live forever? According to this song breathing in and out and letting go is the key to this. The music showcases enough craftsmen ship to salute them with respect. In fact they play so well that I wouldn’t be all too unhappy if they would toss me off a high cloud; just breathe in and out and let it all go…

You can hear these four tracks from their official website or perhaps check them alive if they are playing in your clouded area. (provided that you are still alive and not tossed down on the pavement by them from a high flying cloud,) (if you are a woman you probably be able to avoid the fall…)

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