il Russo – 2

Artist: il Russo
title: 2
keywords: electronics, clicks, idm, cosmic, psychedelic, abstract
label: MAV

2 starts like a nation’s anthem. One that you should stand up for, open and close your mouth to pretend that you are singing & of course place one hand on the place that seemingly your heart hides under. The flag is raised, drum rolls and the the euphoric togetherness of our nationality as weirdos united goes through the roof of the world.

Outside of earthly craziness the music of this release flows around. The glow of other planets, especially the moon is nicely sparkling for attention over here. Just use the legs and arms to swim through the universe and reach those spaces that your soul always had wanted to explore and discover. With nice swim-moves the galaxy bends out of its way to let your flapping body pass along with the good companionship of pretty space music. Together the adventure of swim-flying and music listening is one of the most pleasant things to do. When the stream flows into a black hole the flight gets speed up with a friendly bang of star-fields flying speedily around our ears; it’s a bit like when Captain Kirk falls over some buttons in the control room and the whole ship speeds up in a warp 9 featuring a nice view on the screen.

The last part is sounding more homely, earthly even. Perhaps it’s a memory that we have from our former life as a furry house cat sleeping on a owners lap, purring while a warm heater makes sure we are all experiencing a pleasant body temperature as we are being kindly stroked like the pretty felines that we once had been. Oh and there is cozy piano music!

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