Stop By Fear – Extinction of the last Iteration


the high quality artwork says it all

Artist: Stop By Fear
title: Extinction of the last Iteration
format: digital / CD
keywords: Modern Jazz/ Avant Garde
reviewer: Jazzy Jeff

Jazz, the final frontier: Unstoppable by fear! These are the fuzzy lo-fi voyages of the jazz-trek enterprise, traveling through dusty corner shops, hidden basement bars, posh clubs, street life and fancy neighborhoods. The jazz spirit is one that once you got it, won’t let go. There are vaccines out there to save you from jazz and techno, but as the techno invasion seems to have calmed down the jazz virus has strongly evolved, turning such injections like shooting water up your butt; jazz will rule the world once again!

One of these culprits for the jazz epidemic are music projects like Stop By Fear. They will cook up jazz in their kitchen, think jazz, eat jazz, sniff jazz, and are simply said so surrounded by jazz that they have become viral jazz in human form. Stop By Fear is a clear pro in this, you can hear it in the tracks from his album; resistance is futile as it will jazzifacate you into a jazzmanian devil who will be spreading the virus one infectious note after another.

The album features a lo-fi jazz infectious work like ‘Nasty’ that dribbles its drum kick in as if it’s a baseball dribbled by a professional. But this ‘Stop By Fear’ group isn’t a team of basketball players, in fact this is the sound of a band that plays a fearless amount of jazz that is fused with other jazz genres; things like experimental jazz, avant-garde jazz, classical jazz, new age jazz and ambient jazz. (I might have jizzed myself a little from excitement)

When we follow the dribbling sound of the jazz kick the rest of the promised jazz music joins in. Warm jazzy horns, sharp jazz trumpets, guitar strings, bass and even the rest of the drum-kit. Together they create a nice relaxed early evening jazz atmosphere. The music that will make people settle down, let their fingers sneak to the nearest beer and open them in a style that is as laidback as possible.

‘Mockery is Fine’ is another one of these jazz tunes that speak for themselves. It’s like listening to instruments having a progressive conversation with each other. A trumpet asks and the other instruments kibble, or answer together until a satisfying come-together has been established at the final end.

‘Why Why’ is more sleepy, as if the beers of the early night are nicely dimming down the brain-fucntions, really opening up the veins for the jazz infection to kick in and do its job.


the musician waiting for the jazz infection to kick in

The most distinctive of these  jazz tracks on this jazzed up jazz album is the sound quality. It isn’t sounding like it’s been recorded in a fancy pancy top notch mega studio with a sound engineer in a suit and tie and a personal assistant between its legs. It has this more lo-fi feel of freedom, giving the jazz a more cozy jazz sound, as if it’s recorded in a nice location that jazz deserves to be played and performed in. It’s like a dusty layer that vinyl lovers always freak out so passionately over.

This will make them look like idiots as we are dealing here with an actual CD and the tracks that had been spinning here are actual jazz infected mp3’s. Clearly proofing that vinyl lovers are basically tricked as mp3 and CD’s like this one laced with fearless jazz, is just as crackly and cozy then a vinyl pancake with a hole in the middle: delicious with the a niece piece of melted butter, sugar and jazzy syrup on top. Although it must be said; pancakes are a lot cheaper to make, but then again they wont last a life-time. But jazz and its infections will probaly out-live us all. You can invest in these infected jazz musicians by getting their album over here:

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