Various Artists – Black Moon

Artists: various
Title: black moon
Keywords: ambient black moon electronic iam intelligent ambient music various artists film music San Francisco
Label: aural films

It doesn’t happen every day that the world does a spiritual reset and gives us the ‘black moon’ to align our inner frameworks with. When a full moon arrives you can go out and see many artists howling at it, like an instinctual serenade from humankind’s early animal days. But when a black moon arrives it is different, artists will stay home or bring out their equipment, feeling the powers of the black moon in their bones, mind and body and channel not their inner beasts but more their sensible humbleness as an artist.

Music is what they made, to be specific; an ode to the black moon, a respectful tribulation from devoted music makers to the dark pancake in the sky who looks down to them with a smile of approval. Jack Hertz was one of them, clearly feeling the lunar vibes inside his bones, making melodies gracious again. With a call on the social media he found out he wasn’t the only one worshipping the creative vibes of the black moon, easily connecting to the other music makers featured on this album.

They all have that depth, that melodic sensibility that the black moon so clearly craved and hunkered for. But even though you dear reader, might not be a black moon, or even a regular ‘moon’; you are still very much invited to tune into these pleasantly sincere sounding compositions. It’s important not only because it’s great music, but also a right moment to show your own acknowledgement of the Black moon matters movement.
Download / stream and enjoy over here:

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