Bobby Pin – Tchao!!!!!!

Artist: Bobby Pin
Title: Tchao!!!!!!
Keywords:experimental bad music lo-fi nostalgia psychodelic weird Bytom

Bobby Pin is happy and the whole world might want to know how he shows it. First he provides the upbeat party sound, clearly celebrating his freshly painted red polished nails; the joy on his face you might not be able to see (as we are dealing here with music only) but you can clearly hear it: red nails are the best.

The upbeat lo-fi electronic dance floor party that Bobby Pin pinned down goes more personal with the fabulous Tchao!!!!!! In which Bobby Pin sings like only Bobby Pin would have been able to do; full force and from his chest, all the way while deep throating a microphone. This is clearly the sound of a performer and its top dance floor killer.

Bobby Pin makes sure the party is loud from his side, (you better put the volume up from your part) and sings ragingly like a mental whining ballad performer on his last and final ‘Loud’ song. He sounds nicely on the edge, really giving himself while trying to muffle the steady electric beat with its own passion. It’s an over the top performance of the artist his humanness, with those fine melodies deeply submitted to carry this man’s weight of personality. Let me pin a link down for your own entertainment:

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