Dyane Donck – Sounds That Surround Me

Artist: Dyane Donck
title: Sounds That Surround Me
keywords: electronic experimental beats binaural ethnic modern classic sampling songs soundscape world Netherlands
website: http://www.dyanedonck.com/

The artist had an interesting concept for this album; she asked around in her nearby surroundings what music the people are listening; googling up the suggested names to be inspired by the findings, Sometimes even extracting material from these sources of inspiration, transforming them through audio-tastic ways into one brand new thing as created by the artist’s own mind, hands and compositional brain.

It starts with ALKOOF which had a really nice blend going on, going for a friendly rhythmic session that seems to mix Arabic material with eighties baselines & a manly sexy voice that smoothly makes it all come together as if it always had been this way; a cultural melt-pot.

The track named ELIXER is more mysterious, crispers of electric voltage, rhythm of sounds that feel like mixing the sound of the future together with the one of Persian flying carpets, stories of 1001 nights and a melodic part that is unique and very on its own. We can hear someone singing but it’s so stretched out to unrecognizable proportions that it’s as if Dyane Donck had created the sound of a new born somehow alien culture, at least something unknown here on earth.

ZIRKOON must be the sweetest audio work on this collection; it is also the one with the most action; something to set a seated listener right up onto its feet for an active wild dance. This is the material with a blend of culture featuring an excellent collage of ethnic drums and percussion with sweet sounding melodies, deep bass and singing out of its original context all nicely blend in to create a fun highlight on this album.

NADIR slips in a scene that feels as if we are standing next to a highway with a fair amount of cars racing by and a sun rising (or gowing down…) at the red horizon. Crackling rattle sounds are doing their thing in the back while music of the world spreads a mysterious psychedelic vibe all over the landscape. The melodious backdrop must come from the inspiration far from the Breda, the Netherlands; it feels ancient and calls for images of magical fakirs sitting in meditational positions while they lift up gradually from the floor: Music to sink your head in and dream away with.

A more drone like audio environment is setup with ZENIT. It’s a strange place in which cold and warm are equals to each other, creating a brewing sound in which things might whisper and psychedelic effects might trick the brain into seeing things that aren’t actually there to hear. When I listened I saw a landscape of death trees, a haunted place of burned ground with the occasional spooky spirit that had lived on these lands years ago flying abruptly into close by view for an thrilling experience. It’s not as harmless or soothing as one might expect, I found it rather scary & also made me think of how some humans destroy the earth for profit.

The sound of AZIMUT steps around like a strange shaman with eclectic sound doing some kind of spiritual magic of culture blending. A voice is speaking backwards, a rhythm of drama with the right amount of percussion and strange ambience creates a soundtrack I won’t recommend to listen while experiencing sensitivity of hallucinatory drugs. It’s a mysterious intriguing place upon sober listening; but might turn out terrifying while being exposed to this on a ‘bad trip’. It’s a pretty dark but an impressive end to this album.

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