Ghost of Wood – Behold, A Pale Horse

Artist: Ghost of Wood
title: Behold, A Pale Horse
keywords: ambient dark ambient drone electronica experimental orchestral ufo weird London

It must be our lucky day to fall into the sound of ‘Twin Star’ a melodious work of synthesizer simplicity that feels oh so pure, so easy to the hearing systems and yet so nicely moving into a circle of mystery. From a minimal stand point the music seems to gain more weight along the way, and gaining the full amount at the final very end of the session. It’s a beautiful round sound that zooms around like a horde of synthetic bumblebees.

Nothing says more ‘Doom and Gloom’ then a few repeated strokes on a guitar. It loops all the way through as the basis for twinkling synthesizer friendliness. And you know; nothing says more ‘Doom and Gloom’ then a friendly sound in melodious shapes. To finish of the ‘Doom and Gloom’ a little unneeded kick is inserted, only to be pulled out shortly; how doomed and gloomy the pretty music is.

Then there is the awesome sound of ‘Double Dagger’ which uses these synthesizer ambient skills in the excellent contrast of some acid infused dance stabber. A nice repeated nastiness that walks in the back, in the middle or all the way upfront like a on the loose drug dealer who went to the wrong party; who wants to buy speed at an ambient party?

Of course you could expect a majestic sound in ‘Majestic’ and that’s exactly what is delivered here. This is the sound of light; music coming from those electronic smooth pads that launch itself like the unfolding of a newly born landscape. The whole thing gets an industrial electric vibe as if its beauty is not made by natures finest but actually by technology. This might be the future, the amazing space in which we can fly while clinching our bodies to fleeing synthesizer sounds that lift up frequently from deep within the established synthesizer soup.

Then we get the Greetings from Niribu. It’s like one of these refined post cards with some nice touristic photo collage for us to get a small impression of what Niribu is like. We see some astronauts, some lonely surfaces, waving aliens with a sad face and of course a few personal written notes on the back. ‘We are having a great time over here, don’t expect us back on earth, with love “Ghost of Wood”‘ somehow the note seems a bit out of character, as if the loneliness of Nibiru had kidnapped them into sadness but still wanting to convince the home stayers on earth that they had found Valhalla in space. Luckily we don’t need to travel that far to enjoy these tracks, as in fact you can just click the link and you will be served:

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