Hyaena Fierling – AGLAVRNI

Artist: Hyaena Fierling
Keywords: experimental ambient avant garde dark ambient musique concrete soundart Glastonbury
Label: Auricular Records http://www.auricular.com/

With a spectacular opening of fresh laser-like effects and glitter ‘Aglayatri‘ breaks the silence. Once the opening has paved the way for the tonal prettiness to slide over, it comes without saying that this is done; But instead of walking the music flows through certain ambient settings; from one of pure light to one that sounds more like a strange laboratory, one in which hissy gasses form sweet melodic sounds that dance gracefully around the ceiling. When the space is fully covered, a nice smoke screen is setup in which a foggy fog in sound form goes hand in hand with voices. Some are sounding troubled and others are more like the one of pure enlightenment. The last ones seem to dominate the scene, clearly embracing our ears like a flying angel blessing our ears.

You can read the lyrics of The Tomb At Akr Çaar from the release its bandcamp page, (a place that you can also find the actual music from). The music sounds like an ancient ritual, a lonely drum of vicious steps into a grotto atmosphere, a place in which the artist tells the poetic mysterious story with her exotic, but strong devoted telling voice.

The cavelike ritualistic zone stays with Vreia in which Hyaena Fierling pronounces her story in a way that reminds me of the one I heard on tape that I listened as a child with brother Grimm fairytales. Yet this doesn’t come across like a story for children, it’s more a psychedelic wisdom for grownups, telling a much more sophisticated story.

The Man Who Searches Trembling (Suite) is one of the more experimental works that has a unique approach to poetry, worldly expressions and music. Think of a hot brewing -ever changing- soundscape of drone, with a weird psychedelic holiness that feels like we have moved into a temple of a secret order, a scene in which our artist initiates us by subjecting us to a code of numbers. We lose control and our consciousness as the music subdues with its strange hypnotic effect. It’s as being bewitched in audio form, with a warm blessing of hiss and pretty mysterious tone as the last goodbyes the ritual flows to a glorious thick end.

The next stop evolves a lot of expressional expressions for a certain Rex Tremendae. It’s like a anger expression, a rant, a curse laid upon a wise mistress and her haunting army of shouting spirits in a dark mysterious backdrop. If your name is Rex, this might be the track that will haunt and chase you forever in your dreams. Even if your name isn’t Rex, this might be the case… Find out by listening at the following link:

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