COPS – Cry now, Cry later

Artist: COPS
title: Cry now, Cry later
keywords: black metal metal doom metal experimental electronic experimental rock punk rock Los Angeles

Imagine a Black Sea, heavy waves clinching onto some lonely sides of a sharp rock that just sticks it’s head above the water. On that rock sits a nymph who sings in shine through dress a whaling song that will reaches sailors their ears in order to set course to these rocks.

Around the rock the sea bottom is covered with shipwrecks and the souls of the sailors sit like ghostly gentlemen on the rock glued to the angelic angel voice. They will be stuck there forever as their lives are recycled as music; heavy music that will reach even further down then the seven seas.

The more death is created, the more bombastic the growling music becomes; totally pleasing the fairytale character that sings against the stream, wisely messing with our heads and minds until we too crash onto these rocks. Let’s meet up:

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