Christina Martine – Higher Love

Artist: Christina Martine
Title: Higher Love
keywords: edm electronic experimental alt pop alt-pop angel dnb drum and bass edm psychedelic space pop spiritual starseed Vancouver

Christina Martine’s higher love is taking its listeners to the next level of highness. It’s starts with the clear easy going breakbeats that speed up to form that pleasant feeling of flying over the drum n bass rhythm that is so loved by many. Instead of heavy bass Christina Martine uses warm synth pads and her own specialized high singing voice; creating a work that easily let’s a listener reach the sky without even the need to grow some wings.

This pleasure of a flight definitely continues with ‘Do You Want Me Too’ that keeps the speed up and adds the cool flavor of some fresher sounding synth sounds. But there are also unexpected twists to get the brain into one that lifts up too. A out of the blue piano bit, sweet spacious sparkles and of course Christina Martine singing ‘do you want me too’.

The moment that you know and acknowledge that we are all really superbly high is the perfect one to enjoy the track ‘Never Alone’. This one is based on a repetitive pleasant bass, wicked breakbeats and some nice effects along the distinctive voice that seems to fly somewhere on top of this all, like an angel overseeing the dance floor.

What did I say? An angel? I meant a fairy as Christina Martine reveals her true identity in vocal form in the Fairy Song. On top of a lonely rhythmic loop she sings hauntingly to clearly establish some kind of fantasy-land. Around her voice draped in special effects and the steady rhythm there are electric sounds to be witnessed making this fairytale land into something modern; a place of gnomes and elves that have embraced modern day technology.

A hypnotic trance work in which it feels like we are on a trip to purity is
Supreme Deity. With a nice loop of beat Christina Martine throws in a hymn that feels like the soundtrack of spiritual enlightenment. The track builds a temporary surreal temple around the listeners ears & you better serve and worship in there; it’s the least you could do.

After being enlightened it is time for a spiritual fun dance part as that is clearly ‘The Source of All Pleasure’ with fanatic happy beat we going through a Hare Krishna vibe that will sets us all free, making us all feel the love that sets the body into a dancing ball of happiness. We finally found something to believe in!

Past Life Lover is coming across as one of the most personal songs on the album, an ode about being with your Past Life Lover and only with this person. Christina Martine sings the song in a crystal clear take, even dropping her high voice a few octaves to give the meaning of the song more weight; I think it’s sounding awesome.

A guitar-like loop meets up with breakbeat and percussion to help the higher voice of Christina Martine once again with the nice energetic ending end of the artist singing that she wants to be with her Soul Mate.
The result is a compassionate song that everyone who has a soul mate would probably love to play to them.The nice ending of the song is also the end of this album, listening session and review, so this might be a good moment to get some ‘finger’ action by clicking the following link and check it out:

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  1. Hillmy says:

    Great review! The updated link to the album is now

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