Grey Pale Sinister – Luciferian Poetry (Compilation)

artist: Grey Pale Sinister
title: Luciferian Poetry (Compilation)
keywords: experimental, nothing
reviewer: Simon Hit

Like a hurricane the artist well known to our dearest readers as Grey Pale Sinister returns to haunt our dreams and nightmares. With its collection of Luciferian Poetry he tickles the ear into the place where the sun doesn’t shine; his backside is one raw place full of monsters that sooner or later will come out and reveal themselves. The first track might still be a safety zone, but the second one ‘Eurêka Mystic’ brings out one of these beasts that you don’t really want to meet in an alley late at night. It comes with a foggy sharpness of growling ghoulish sound in which the monster crawls and spits its unearthly words. Sometimes it even spews its words as if they are on fire and it needs to leave its system immediately.

The evil within Grey Pale Sinister will never end and that’s where ‘I Am Endless’ comes in. It whispers dangerous toxins in our ears, slowly poisoning the minds in the possible hope that they show signs of failure & open up the doors so our soul can be taken away (and probably being eaten!) by this strange character.

The Anarchic Crowd Of My Inner Self is a fine demonic progression, stepping around like it’s on a mission to chop some scalps for in a demonic cup-a-soup. The guitar sound is so distorted that it’s almost an undistinctive noise on its own. The slow induced drum is just as frightening as the voice of Grey Pale Sinister, making sure to slip into our thoughts to generate many sleepless nights.

The hell has opened up and brings us Quiet Insanity as channeled through the music maker Grey Pale Sinister. It’s dark and hollow, a cold and harsh place that shows no mercy and no signs of pity for the souls that have been used to generate the fire for Satan’s marshmallow roast.

At the end we get a well-wishing secret curse in the shape of ‘An Accursed Affliction’. You can hear the demons quietly whispering in the ears in the hope of seducement. You can hear them being up to no good, sacredly spreading doom and madness upon anyone who tunes in. The rhythm is slow and maddening; everything is horrible.

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