MushroomWavved Collar – Tranquility

Artist: MushroomWavved Collar
Title: Tranquility
Keywords: ambient electronic atmospheric drone field recordings hauntology idm lo-fi meditation shoegaze soundscapes Moscow
label: Ethereal Talks

One of the artist you always should be on the lookout for is MushroomWavved Collar, this producer’s music has always impressed me, and it’s latest album ‘Tranquility’ simply adds more juice to the pot full of respect for this music maker. This album is quite different from the other works that are out there, particularly because MushroomWavved Collar seems to have picked up an actual guitar to provide the electric music with another layer of humanity.

For me it is hard to write about this album as it passes by so smooth and quickly. It creates a nice balance that honors its title perfectly. Think of a worry-free setting of serene calmness with fine psychedelic moments to sink away in. It’s a really nice experience.

It starts with a friendly welcome in the shape of Hello. Here we can hear the acoustic guitar in action, nicely strumming away while beautifully dusty lo-fi synths play with different rhythm and beat in and outtakes. Even though it’s quite a hectic experience in the rhythm section, it also fits very well with the quick rattling brains that need something to hook up with to find some peacefulness in its business: this track is ideal.

Moon around aligns with the busy mind as well, an action that you could compare to two trains going for the same direction, aligning each other so they both go in the same time and speed and all comes down in a anti-stress way. Don’t know if that makes sense, but to me this music feels like it knows exactly what to do to be a running mate of a busy mind; together brain and music will hold hands while passing through the finish line.

But the finish line is not in sight, much more connecting time between the intelligent sound of MushroomWavved Collar and the brain of a all-over-the-place-music-consumer is in place. The track that seems to juggle with the brain cells and go for a fun smart game of table tennis (or is it brainy ping pong?) is Breeze, and it’s sad when it is game over.

From here the release gets more and more psychedelic, waving the sounds and music into each other like a melting pot that seems to feed the sound of sound intoxication at its very best. Synthetic sound is waving around while a slow moving beat slumbers through background sounds that feel to me as if we are traveling from train station to space station. It isn’t that crazy if you consider that the title is Awake from daydreaming.

What follows is the sound of ‘Losing control’, a music piece that has a more dub feel, giving a bunch of things the passage to parade through; a warm organ like melody, a folkish singer singing from behind a market stable, a person exhaling oxygen, electronic mystery and bell like strangeness; it’s a bit like random thoughts all joined together in order to haunt and taunt a oblivious listener.

Mushi is the one that is recommended tissue material. Not used to blow ones nose or ejaculate in but in case tears from emotion will roll out of your eye-holes. This track is super sensitive, calmly working these emotions with a calm melody and slow motion drum that really feels as if with the right mindset could generate at least a cup full of human tears.

The track that got me straight to the deepest psychological sectors of my mind’s own dopamine was definitively the one named ‘Ethereal’. It has this psychedelic vibe and feels that comes across as super dense and impressive. With a strange sensible dramatic synth melody the brain is tranquilized, then beamed up for alien probing and brought back without a memory of the actual alien probing. These aliens and their equipment are pretty much top notch at the very moment. The music is bringing us all back to where we had come from, but it seems to have erased stress, released pressure from certain emotions and basically did a nice ‘restart’ within the owners of busy brains… Not sure what this album would do when listened by a owner of a lesser busy brain…

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