Rinkus – in BluE

Artist: Rinkus
title: in BluE
keywords: electronic ambient electronic digital electronic experiemental female vocals minimal russian synthpop weird Москва

Rinkus has two newly made tracks available for your ears. Both have this soviet synthesizer sound and feel combined with soft prettiness in vocal form. The music in its shimmering rhythmic form has the great potential to hypnotize anyone who let’s it all in the way it’s intended (through the ears). The first track comes across less based on words, making the voice into an instrument that everyone could understand.

The second track does contain mostly words, but even though it might be hard to translate for some of us without knowledge of the language; it easily could be enjoyed as much as the first track. The sound here is fairly cute, with a melody that seems to be played in reverse while the rhythm goes definitely forward. At the final end we just sit there with twirling hypnotized eyes waiting for a command or order to follow up, but as there are only two tracks I guess we will be sitting here for a while. Maybe listen to it again and see if the hypnotizing effect could go even deeper?

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