Gorilla Complex (the interview)


Good day dear readers and bananas at home, we have a surprise for you as out of nowhere we are blessed with a visiting guest named Gorilla Complex. You might have (or haven’t) heard of him, he is a young producer from London with a strong will to conquer the urban jungle. His biggest thing is not a banana or a gorilla chest, but the knowledge of bass; bass itself and the know-how of how to use it correctly. (Or so I have been told…)

Hi Gorilla Complex, you don’t mind me calling you Gorilla Complex, do you? I just thought its best to name you by your official title…

Gorilla Complex: *grunts*


your interviewer KN on the left and a grunting Gorilla Complex on the right

Important question first: what is your favourite colour? and why?

Gorilla Complex: Purple. However, according to a colour-personality chart, that means I am sensitive and compassionate. What a load of bullshit. It’s because I just like the blackcurrant starbursts.


Gorilla Complex loves his Blackcurrant starbursts

We heard your sounds before, but for the sleepy sleepers at home; could you describe your music in a chewable easy to understand kind of way?

Gorilla Complex: It’s big, it’s bassey and it turns innocent adolescents into raving animals.
I would like to know (as you clearly being a complexed Gorilla) how your home looks like, is it filled with banana peels or are you more neat? And the place where you produce your music? Is there any difference between them?

Gorilla Complex: Genuinely, my home is a bit of a farm. Over the years, it has homed cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits and snakes. The studio is the jungle but I try to keep it tidy. I also have a monkey on each speaker for inspiration.


…for inspiration & cleaning

What do you love and what do you hate from living in the urban jungle ‘London’? Are the bananas not more nutritious & delicious in the country side?

Gorilla Complex: Well, it’s no tropical rainforest, and the bananas are suspiciously perfect… but it is a great place for some late night animal madness. And the music scene is diverse and ever changing.


Gorilla Complex in his natural habitat London; listening to the music coming out of the good old Big Ben

Your music comes across quiet dark, do you think this is inspired by the London weather? Or do you have another explanation?

Gorilla Complex: I think it’s because life as a Gorilla isn’t easy. We have to eat bugs out of each other’s hair, people try and teach us sign language and keep us as pets, and Bruno Mars writes shit songs about us.


‘life isn’t easy…’

How did you get into the style of music that you do? Did you try out many genres before, or did you automatically get attracted to what you are producing now?

Gorilla Complex: I started producing glitch hop, then moved to more garage and poppy kind of stuff. Then I contracted a serious disease where if I don’t listen to enough bass, I spontaneously combust. So I don’t really feel like I have a choice anymore unfortunately.


After hard research the Doctors advised a daily dose of  BASS to combat spontanous combustion 

Does music run in (and perhaps ruin?) your family?

Gorilla Complex: Kind of a bit of both! Except the rest of them play instruments and I play with knobs. Silent k’s are important.

I don’t know if you’d liked it, but I fixed you some creamy banana milkshake. Hope it will make you feel at home while doing this interview. What would be your preferable drink if you could have chosen something else besides this banana juicy milk shake?

Gorilla Complex: Banana milkshake! How did you know I would like it?! Genuinely that is one of my favourites. Either that or peppermint tea 😀


Gorilla Complex loves his banana milkshake

So tell me about this bass by Gorilla Complex. How did you create it? What kind of tools do you use? When turns a bass into a ‘Gorilla Complex’ bass?

Gorilla Complex: For years, I scoured the jungle climbing between trees and fighting off evil predators. Until one day, I stumbled across an ancient instrument, clearly sent down by only an omnipotent jungle-god. I played a note on it and was hit with a sound that shook my animal bones. One day I will reveal my secret weapon, but until then, you will just have to keep listening 😉

Let’s do that!  Let’s take the opportunity & listen to the just released (TODAY!) fresh of the press Gorilla Complex tune ‘Time to Feed’!:

You can download ‘Time to Feed’ over at the following link for free:

Who are your own most prominent musical heroes / influences? If any?

Gorilla Complex: Noisia – love those guys.

What do you think of Bananarana?
Do they make you hungry?


‘glad I didn’t grow up in the 80s’

Gorilla Complex: All I can say is that they make me glad I didn’t grow up in the 80s.

I was wondering… as I heard some shimmering voices in your music; are they yours?

Gorilla Complex: Yeah I wanted some vocals in my music and vocalists are long so I thought I would try my own voice to get ideas down quickly. I messed with it until I it sounds good. My voice is a lot less pretty without all the FX.

Do you play (and enjoy?) any non-electric instrument? Like for example a banana-banjo?
Gorilla Complex: I learnt guitar growing up but I haven’t played in ages. I was thinking about using it in a track soon actually so it could be a good time to pick it up again.

Are you aware that they copied your name for a fitness-workout practice to generate a gorilla sized chest? Would you sue them?

Gorilla Complex: Bastards, I am going to sue the shit out of them.
How is the bass-scene in London? are there other gorillas around or are you solidly dominating the area?

Gorilla Complex: There are some exciting sounds around town. However, a lot of the nightclubs are closing due to the massive wankers of society swinging their culture destroying dicks around. Yeah people are kinda pissed about it and trying to fight back.

What makes according to you, a tune a ‘tune’?

Gorilla Complex: When it creates uncontrollable bass faces and pointy fingers.


bass faces



pointing fingers

If I would hand you a magical banana with three wishes that you could only apply to your music’s future; what would you wish for?


Gorilla Complex: I would get a fully kitted out studio with awesome equipment, maybe some vocalists and musicians with a similar vibe, and just to keep going without life getting in the way.
You just published ‘Time To Feed’, can you describe what it is about? Bananas?

Gorilla Complex: Err… yeah… fuck it, it’s about bananas!

If people want to see or hear you, (or both?) where would you advise them to go?

Gorilla Complex:
If you have ears go hear: https://soundcloud.com/gorillacomplex
If you have eyes go here: https://www.instagram.com/gorillacomplex/
If you can read go here: https://www.facebook.com/gorillacomplex
If you are a bird go here: https://twitter.com/gorillacomplex

Thank you so much Gorilla Complex for spending your precious time with us over here. Before you go would you be so kind to sign my banana with your autograph? Thanks!

Here is a huge bag of bananas and an inflatable banana boat to help you on your way back into the urban jungle. Do you have any last words or perhaps a shout out you want to make?

Gorilla Complex: No, just thanks for your support!


thanks for your support!


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